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June 19th, 2010

More Deals from CDNN Investments’ New Online Catalog

CDNN Sig SauerCDNN Investments has updated its online catalog, and now you can access the catalog with one click from your browser. (Previously you would have to download a huge PDF file). As usual the CDNN catalog is full of exceptional deals. Multi-Gun competitors may be interested in the ultra-reliable Sig Sauer 556 Carbines. For a limited time, if you purchase a Sig 556 in .223 Rem, you get a FREE Sig Sauer 522 rifle. The 522 is a semi-auto .22LR rimfire rifle with ergonomics virtually identical to the centerfire 556. This allows you to train for matches with inexpensive rimfire ammo. If you’ve always coveted a Sig Carbine, this is a great offer.

CDNN’s current catalog contains thousands of bargains in its 124 pages. In addition to handguns, rifles, and shotguns at bargain-basement prices, you’ll find a full range of shooting accessories. Some of the intriguing deals we found are listed below. The Sig p232 is a superb .380 acp carry gun — probably the most reliable .380 you can buy. This all-metal gun is a good deal heavier than “pocket” .380s, but it is durable and very accurate. As the owner of a Sig p230, the predecessor to the p232, I can tell you that these guns are crafted with typical Sig quality, and the p23X series of pistols hold their value very well.

CDNN Sig Sauer

CDNN is also selling Bore-Snakes for just $8.99, and it is selling Birchwood Casey target stickers at ultra-low prices. Choose from fluorescent orange stickers, or the Shoot-N-C variety that leave a bright yellow ring around each bullet hole. We really like the orange stickers for testing at longer ranges. The 2″ sticker is great at 300 yards, while the 3″ sticker is big enough for 600 yards. The orange circle is easy to pick up on a target board, and the black diamond in the middle of the 3″ sticker is visible at 600 yards with a high-magnification scope. This allows very precise aiming at 600.

CDNN Sig Sauer

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June 19th, 2010

Georgia Teen Competes with Rifle Team Despite Disability

16-year-old Kelsey Moral from Sharpsburg, Georgia looks like any other teenage precision air rifle shooter. But unlike most teen shooters, Kelsey has cerebral palsy. For Kelsey the pain has always been there, and therapy has always been a way of life. “I was born with a mild case of spastic cerebral palsy,” Kelsey says. About 80% of the approximately 800,000 CP sufferers in the US fall into Kelsey’s type, known as spastic diplegia, which primarily affects leg muscles.

Kelsey’s condition is characterized by having one or more tight muscle groups which limit movement. That’s why she walks with a limp and has difficulty getting into and out of shooting positions. “Prior to joining the [East Coweta HS JROTC] rifle team, she would never tell anyone what her disability was,” Kelsey’s mother Janice said. “By no means is CP going to get the best of me,” Kelsey said emphatically. “Thankfully, it only affects my legs,” Kelsey explained. “Because of my CP, I have had some hurdles to overcome. Some days my legs hurt so bad, I can hardly stand it – other days they’re okay.”

Kelsey’s first appearance in a big match came in February at the Marine Corps JROTC Championship at Camp Perry. Though she finished in the middle of the pack, she scored second highest on her high school team in the postal qualifier leading up to the Service Championship, scoring 277 out of a possible 300 in Three-Position Air Rifle (3PAR).

Kelsey Air Rifle USMC
Kelsy Moral (center) with mother Janice (right) and USMC coach Msgt Joel Skinner (left).

Kneeling Position is a Challenge
The MCJROTC Service Championship marked the first time Kelsey was able to get into the kneeling position for an important match. Though she cannot completely flex her legs, Kelsey was able to achieve a stable position and fire the match. “Because of my muscle tone, I have not been able to kneel. So for about a year I shot standing twice. One day I decided that I really wanted to kneel like everyone else. Some days I can’t kneel at all; my legs just won’t let me. I’m in physical therapy and I work hard everyday with exercises to help me kneel more comfortably. Sometimes I worry that I’ll fall over because I feel unstable.”

Kelsey’s coach, USMC MSGT Joel Skinner, is proud of Kelsey’s remarkable progress: “She is a really determined young lady and continues to improve at every match.” Kelly explained: “Coach Skinner has helped me a lot to stabilize myself while kneeling – I have a long way to go, but I work everyday at it. I strive to shoot in every match possible as I know this only builds my experience and my strength. Being on the rifle team has been great, because it has built my confidence up – I like being part of a team.”

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