July 28th, 2010

Powder Valley Offers Russian TulAmmo Primers (Wolf Clones)

TulAmmo Primers Are Same as Wolf — But Cost Much Less
Powder Valley Inc. now offers Russian TulAmmo primers. TulAmmo primers (for rifle, pistol, and shotgun) are the exact same primers as Wolf. Both TulAmmo and Wolf primers are produced in the same Murom Apparatus Producing Plant in Russia and they have the same product codes. However, TulAmmo wholesales its primers at lower cost than Wolf-branded primers. Powder Valley is passing this great savings on to the customer. You will find that in many cases TulAmmo primers cost 15-20% less than the identical Wolf primers.

TulAmmo offers Non-corrosive Boxer primers, Lead-free non-corrosive Boxer primers, and Non-corrosive Berdan primers in all popular sizes including small rifle, small rifle military, small rifle magnum, large rifle, large rifle military, and large rifle magnum. There is even a special .50 BMG primer. Product codes are listed in the chart below. For more info, visit the TulAmmo USA website.

Tulammo pistol and rifle primers

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