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July 23rd, 2010

Report: Thinner Neck-Walls on Latest Lapua 6mmBR Brass

Robert Whitley sampled a recent lot of Lapua 6mmBR brass and found that the neck-walls are marginally thinner, resulting in a very slightly smaller loaded neck diameter. Here is Robert’s report….

For the last few years the different boxes of Lapua 6mmBR Norma brass I have purchased (four different lots) have yielded brass with necks that measured around .269″ – .2695″ loaded. While this worked out very well in a variety of applications, sometimes I had to neck-turn that brass because it was a little too tight for an application or chamber I had. I recently received some of the latest “blue box” Lapua 6mm BR Norma brass (Lot # P00487801) and this latest lot of 6BR brass measures right around .268″ loaded (with popular 6mm bullet types). While some may bemoan the smaller neck diameter of this latest brass lot, for others, this can be a buying an opportunity to resolve an existing clearance issue with a “no neck turn” chamber. For example, if you have a .271″ “no neck-turn” type chamber, this may help resolve clearance issues that arose with other batches of brass. Or, for those who need to turn their necks to fit a tighter chamber, this new lot of 6mmBR brass has about .001″ – .0015″ less metal to remove, making the turning process that much easier.

Lapua 6mmBR Norma Brass 0.268

Lapua 6mmBR Norma Brass 0.268This lot of brass (Lot # P00487801) was obtained from Graf & Sons. Since the batches of Lapua 6mmBR Norma brass that come into this country typically sell out quickly, if this .268″-loaded-neck brass is of interest to you, get some soon as it may go fast. While in years past I tried to keep my neck clearance very close to the chamber neck diameter, as time passes, I am now finding that in some situations a little more neck clearance can help remedy an accuracy or consistency issue. A certain amount of clearance is clearly needed for the proper accuracy and consistency of ammunition, but in some situations a tight neck clearance is not optimum and may be more detrimental then beneficial. We tinker with everything else with our loads and rifles, why not neck clearance? — Robert Whitley

Lapua 6mmBR Norma Brass 0.268

Editor’s NOTE: If you need some new 6BR brass, but your existing cases have no-turn necks which are .269″+ loaded, you may want to segregate the newer .268-necked brass. Segregating the new brass will allow you to use a a slightly smaller diameter bushing to maintain the same amount of grip on the bullet (as before). Other than this minor change in neck diameter with this lot of brass, this Lapua 6mm BR Norma brass is essentially the identical product as it has been all along.

Visit Robert Whitley’s website for more information on Grendel-based cartridges, and his site for info on the 6mmBR Improved Dasher, 6-6.5×47, and 6.5×47.

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July 23rd, 2010

Australian Sings About Gun Rights (and Fork-Tongued Politicians)

It’s a bit hokey, but the new music video from Australian singer/songwriter Steve Lee, has a catchy tune — and an important message. We commend I’ll Give Up My Gun, Lee’s latest musical jab at nanny-state gun restrictions in his Australian homeland. Lee, who earned worldwide attention for his I Like Guns music video, addresses serious topics — gun confiscation and personal freedom — in his new YouTube video. For those fighting anti-gun politicians, not only in Australia, but in other nations around the world, Lee’s defiant lyrics provide inspiration: “I’ll give up my gun… when the ocean runs dry. I’ll give up my gun… when politicians don’t lie.”

YouTube Preview Image

To widen its appeal, Lee’s video blends humor with a serious theme. Hopefully this video may cause a few fence-sitters to rethink their position on gun control. Credit to Steve of The Firearms Blog for spotlighting this entertaining, yet thought-provoking video.

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July 23rd, 2010

Pyramyd Air Discounts Match Air Rifle for Disabled Shooters

In cooperation with the NRA Office of Disabled Shooting Services, Pyramyd Air is offering $224.00 off the Air Arms S400 MPR air rifle for qualifying shooters with disabilities. Disabled shooters and Adaptive Shooting groups can obtain the Poplar-stocked S400 MPR for $750.00 with FREE Shipping. This gun normally retails for $974.00.

Pyramid Air NRA promo rifle

Pyramid Air NRA promo rifleHow to Get the Discount — Call Vanessa
Disabled shooters wanting an Air Arms S400 MPR air rifle should contact NRA Disabled Services Director Vanessa Ross. Call Vanessa at (703) 267-1495 or email Vanessa will provide a Promo Code good for the rifle discount. In addition, there is a second discount code providing 10% off an entire Pyramyd Air order. You cannot combine two promo codes on a single order, so use the second promo code for a separate order if you want to purchase pellets, targets, rifle cases, and other accessories.

Pyramyd Air S400 MPR Specifications
Though it weighs only seven pounds, a good thing for disabled shooters, Pyramyd’s S400 MPR is a quality air rifle with features similar to imported “name brand” air rifles. This breechloader has a 12-groove barrel and a walnut stock, which comes in right-hand, left-hand, or ambidextrous versions. An adjustable rear diopter sight and front sight with insert come with the gun. The S400 MPR has a 5-way adjustable trigger. You can adjust height, forward or rear placement, rotation of trigger blade, first-stage length, second-stage pull weight and placement of the trigger pad. NOTE: The cocking bolt is NOT adjustable for position and is on the right side of the gun.

NRA Disabled Shooting Services Director Vanessa Ross comments: “We are extremely grateful to Pyramyd Air for their commitment to the disabled community and offering a cost-effective way for individuals to get into the competitive game. To learn more about the NRA’s disabled shooting program visit

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