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October 29th, 2010

Bob the Nailer is Back — Just in Time for the Holidays

Stephen Hunter Dead Zero novelYes, you Bob Lee Swagger fans, Stephen Hunter has finished a new novel, Dead Zero, set for release on December 28, 2010. In the new book, Swagger, the marksman/hero of seven of Hunter’s novels, is involved in Afghan intrigue. Swagger is recruited by the FBI to stop a a Marine scout-sniper who has “gone rogue” with plans to kill Ibrahim Zarzi, an Afghani warlord. Zarzi happens to be an American “asset” and the alphabet intelligence agencies need to keep him breathing. The problem is that, the more Swagger uncovers, the more he questions the U.S. government’s connection with Zarzi. The novel explores the shifting loyalties of international foreign policy, where enemies become friends, and friends become enemies.

Dead Zero features an older, more contemplative Swagger, but the book still delivers plenty of action. And, as we’ve come to expect from Stephen Hunter, the new book features accurate and precise writing about firearms technology and sniper techniques. Hunter is perhaps the only current best-selling author with a solid understanding of ballistics, modern firearms, and long-range marksmanship.

Pre-Order through

You can pre-order “Dead Zero” through for December delivery. Just click the link at right. The Kindle edition is $12.99, while the hardback version is $15.60.

About the Author
Stephen Hunter has written 16 novels, including seven Bob Lee Swagger books, starting with Point of Impact. The retired chief film critic for The Washington Post, Hunter won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism. Hunter talks about his new book, Dead Zero, in the Youtube video below.

Visit Amazon’s Stephen Hunter Page

Stephen Hunter Talks about Dead Zero, his new novel.
This video is quite funny in spots and Stephen does plenty of shooting….

YouTube Preview Image

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October 29th, 2010

Radical New Swallowtail Stock from SEB

Seb’s Swallowtail Stock
A while back, Sebastian Lambang, creator of the Seb Coaxial Rest, created a radical “swallowtail” short-range benchrest stock. This innovative prototype has two wings on the underside of the rear buttstock. We think Seb has come up with a design that is not only an engineering tour de force, but also a stunning example of modern industrial design. In short, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

No, You Can’t Buy One
This stock is a one-of-a-kind unit created by Seb for his own use. At this time he has no plans to build similar versions for sale. Seb told us: “I made the stock for my own purpose, not to intend to sell it.”

Seb Lambang stock
Seb Lambang stock

sebastian Lambang stock

Seb Lambang stockThe new stock features a 3″-wide rear toe section of the buttstock. The two legs or wings provide exceptional stability for the stock. This “swallowtail” design has a hollow section in the middle. We initially thought this was designed to work with a pyramid-type rear sandbag with a single rear ear. That’s not the case. The stock is intended to work with a two-ear rear bag, with the ears set 3″ apart (see top photo). The area between the rear “wings” was left hollow to save weight. Addtionally, the hollow region allows Seb to place extra weight in this area to balance the gun, or to bring it up to 13.5 lbs. for Heavy Varmint class.

Seb Lambang benchrest stock

The front of the stock, just forward of the action, features a truss-like architecture that provides extra rigidity in the vertical plane. This allows the front section to be of minimal height, yet still be plenty stiff. Oval cut-outs in the sides of the fore-end lighten the stock structure and also provide improved air circulation for barrel cooling.

Seb Lambang benchrest stock

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October 29th, 2010

New Precision Powder Funnel from 21st Century

21st Century Funnel21st Century Shooting has just introduced what may be the most advanced powder funnel on the market. It has everything you could want. The top section is precision ground and polished for a smooth flow. The center has a see-through tube so you can watch the progress of your powder dropping into the case. At the bottom of each funnel is a precision brass collar insert that allows the funnel to stand on the case without tipping off. The collars are offered in nine, caliber-specific sizes: 17cal, 20cal, 22cal, 30cal, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 7mm. In addition, 21st Century offers custom-milled collar inserts fitted precisely to your cases. That way you can get a perfect fit on neck-turned brass. Just mic your casenecks and 21st Century will craft a custom insert.

Each funnel, with one caliber-specific insert, costs $21.75. Additional standard inserts are $5.75. Call 260-273-9909 for pricing on custom inserts.

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