October 22nd, 2010

Allegheny Sniper Challenge a Success with FNH-Supplied Rifles

More than two dozen of America’s best tactical shooters gathered for three days of competition at the Fall 2010 Alleghany Sniper Challenge, October 9-11, held at Seneca Rocks (WV) along the Eastern Continental Divide. This event is the only one of its kind that offers all steel targets at distances up to 1,200 yards and at varying angles across mountain valleys.

Allegheny Sniper Challenge

FNH Supplies Rifles for All Competitiors
However, it was the support of FNH USA which made the 2010 Fall Challenge a unique and true first of its kind all-equipment-provided event. FNH USA provided each competitor with one of its FN SPR A5 .308 long range precision rifles with standard 20-inch fluted barrels, McMillan stocks, and a MIL-STD optical rail with +20 MOA elevation. Competitors were also issued identical scopes, rings, slings, and Corbon ammunition. Apart from bipods, competitors were not allowed any other equipment such as GPS units or laser range finders.

Allegheny Sniper Challenge

“FN’s support was absolutely instrumental in making this match possible,” said Rod Hansen, who run the match along with co-Director John Markwell. “This match places each competitor on a level playing field and represents the most extreme and complete test of each shooter’s skill and knowledge of ballistics,” said Hansen. For more info on the FNH equipment used, call Tes Salb at(703) 288-3500 ext. 125, or email tess@fnhusa.com.

50 Shooters Participate in Two-Weekend Challenge
The Fall 2010 Alleghany Sniper Challenge takes place over two weekends, essentially becoming two matches. The first weekend match took place in September, and FNH USA provided all the rifles for that first weekend as well. More than 50 shooters took part and used FNH rifles over the two weekends.

ASC Counts Misses, Not Hits
Since Hansen and Markwell designed the match from the ground up they also made changes they felt would improve the experience for the competitors. Shooters engage almost 50 targets and are allowed to fire up to 125 shots, but they only count misses, not hits. The shooter with the lowest score wins.

The winners from the first weekend were: 1st Kevin Mussack of upstate, NY, 2nd Geoff Martel of Mt. Morris, NY, and 3rd Eric Underiner of Ringoes, NJ. Winners of the second match: 1st Pete Pi, Jr. from Cor-Bon in Sturgis, SD (who provided all the ammunition used), 2nd Rich Grinn of Clarkston, MI, and 3rd Chris Soyka of Iona, MI. FNH donated two rifles to be awarded as prizes (all prizes are awarded by random drawing and the winner of the match is only guaranteed a trophy).

Allegheny Sniper Challenge

2009 Fall ASC — Report and Photos
If you are interested in learning more about the Allegheny Sniper Challenge, Ian Kenney has written a detailed report, complete report for the 2009 ASC match. Kenney’s journal features some great photos and even a 3D Google Earth map with a birds-eye view of the target locations. CLICK HERE to read Ian’s 2009 match report, found on ShootingVoodoo.com.

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