June 28th, 2011

Brownell’s Offering 5% Off Entire Order for Ammo Buyers

We reported last week that both Sinclair Int’l and Brownells have commenced selling loaded ammunition. Both vendors now carry a full selection of rimfire and centerfire ammo, for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. This is the first time in Brownells’ 70-year history that it is selling ammunition. To promote the new ammo sales program, Brownells is offering a 5% discount on your entire order, if it includes ammunition. That’s right — if you purchase some ammo, you get 5% off EVERYTHING in your order (which can include tools, gun parts, supplies, you name it). But wait, there’s more — for all orders over $199.00 that contain ammunition, Brownells’ will also kick in FREE SHIPPING.

5% Off Brownell's Ammo Orders

Use Discount CodeCXL
To get the 5% off and Free Shipping on $199.00+ orders, use Code CXL on check-out. To make this perfectly clear, so long as you purchase at least one box of ammo, you get 5% off your whole order. Can’t complain about that! But be advised — this is a limited time offer — Brownells is reserving the right to terminate these special offers after next week. So act now if you want to save 5% on your entire Brownells order.

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