June 5th, 2011

Latest Edition of ‘On the Mark’ Available

The latest edition of the CMP’s ‘On the Mark’ newsletter for young competitive shooters has been released as a FREE, downloadable PDF file. In this Spring 2011 edition, you’ll find many items of interest including an excellent instructional article by Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship-Emeritus. The 4-page story is entitled: Three-Position Shooting — Teaching the First Steps. Here’s a sample from the story, Anderson’s discussion of target shooting order:

Target Bull Firing Order
Anderson writes: “When firing starts, each shooter should have a plan for the order in which the sighter and record bulls are fired. Each record bull is numbered from one to ten, but the bulls do not need to be fired in that order. Indeed, to shoot them in numerical order is one of the least efficient ways to do this. The firing order should be designed to minimize movements from one record bull to the next. The illustration (on right) shows one recommended firing order that begins with the lower sighter bull, continues to the upper sighter bull and then proceeds around the target in a counter-clockwise direction.”

In addition to the Gary Anderson article, this month’s edition of On the Mark features extensive coverage of Collegiate shooting events, and the National Junior ROTC Championships.

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