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July 22nd, 2011

Gear Give-Away Contest from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Midsouth Shooters Supply, one of’s long-term sponsors, is running a Gear Give-Away Contest to promote Midsouth’s Hunting University TV show. It’s easy to enter and no purchase is necessary. Simply click the link at right, let the page load, then fill in your name, email address, and optional comment. Prizes are donated by name-brand manufacturers, including Bad Bull, Gamo (airguns), Hornady, Hevi-Shot, Hypertech, and Limbsaver. Prizes will include Hats, Ammo, Hunting Gear, and Hunting Trips! Entry is free, just click to load the Contest Entry Page.

hunting university

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July 21st, 2011

Vihtavuori Reloading Data Updated for Seven Cartridge Types

If you read our 2011 Super Shoot Report by James Mock, you’ll see that Vihtavuori N133 powder is the overwhelming choice of top short-range benchrest shooters for loading their 6PPCs. Other Vihtavuori powders, such as N135, N150, and N550 are also very popular for other match and hunting cartridges.

If you currently use a Vihtavuori (VV) powder, or you plan to try a Vihtavuori powder in the near future, visit soon. Load info on Lapua’s Vihtavuori Reloading Data Page has been updated (or added) for the following calibers: .222 Remington, .223 Remington, .223 WSSM (new caliber data), .22-250 Remington, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5×47 Lapua, and 7.62x53R. In the updated tables, you’ll find VV powder recipes for a wide variety of bullets from Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Sierra, Speer and other bullet-makers.

Though these recipes are fairly conservative, always start low and work up gradually when using a new powder for the first time. Likewise, you should back off your load if you change ANY component or if you have fitted a new barrel to your rifle.

Vihtavuori N100 Series
The N100 series powders are single-base powders used mainly in rifle calibers. There are ten N100 series powders with different burning rates and suitability from the .17 Remington up to the .458 Winchester Magnum and two special powders for .50 BMG.

N500 Series
The N500 series powders are impregnated extruded rifle powders with Nitroglycerol added as extra energy component. If higher loading densities and more energy are needed, N500 series powders are competent alternatives for the N100 series powders. N500 series High Energy powders are available in five different burning rates.

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome submissions from our readers.
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July 20th, 2011

EuroOptic’s Super Deal on SAKO TRG42 in .338 Lapua Magnum

If you’ve ever lusted for a SAKO TRG42 in .338 Lapua Magnum, now’s the time to break out the checkbook. This could be the deal of the decade. is selling brand new, .338 LM SAKO TRG42s for just $2250.00. That is not a misprint. For a limited time (while supplies last), EuroOptic is offering readers new TRG42s in .338 Lapua Magnum for just $2250.00 — that’s over $1000.00 cheaper than the price at some other gun vendors. This was a special purchase, and inventory is limited, so don’t delay. The TRG42s have black furniture with a matte black barrel finish (not phosphate), and no Picatinny rail. The $2250.00 price applies only to black-stock models, chambered in .338 LM. Shop around and you’ll see you can’t come close to this price on a new TRG42 anywhere else. If you order, mention to get the $2250.00 special price.

SAKO TRG42 in .338 Lapua Magnum for $2250.00
Sako TRG 42 338 Lapua Magnum

EuroOptic Exclusive: .260 Remington TRG22s
Want a SAKO TRG22 chambered in .260 Remington? Well you won’t find one at your local gunstore. commissioned a special run of .260 Rem TRG22s, SNs 0XX-200, and they are now in stock. These are fitted with 26″, 1:8″ twist, black phosphate-coated barrels. Actions come with milspec Picatinny rails pre-installed. Four different stock finishes are currently available: Matte Black, Remington Green, Desert Digital Camo, and Woodland Digital Camo. The Camo stock sets are an Eurooptic exclusive — not available anywhere else. These are very special rifles, and with the high interest in the .260 Rem cartridge (which won the National High Power Championship in the hands of SGT Sherri Gallagher), you can expect the rifles to sell out quickly. Price for the .260 Rem TRG22s in black and green is $3100.00. The Digital Camo versions are priced somewhat higher, at $3350.00. Shown below is a the TRG22 in Desert Digital. If you have questions, call (570) 220-3159 and ask for Jason Baney. CLICK HERE for sale info and rifle specs.

Sako .260 Rem Remington TRG 22

SAKO TRG 22 Rifle Technical Data (Factory flyer)

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July 20th, 2011

Top Shot Season 3 Debuts August 9th — Meet the Cast

Top Shot fans… get ready. The third season of the hit TV show Top Shot premiers on the History Channel Tuesday, August 9th at 10:00pm (9:00pm Central). Visit for photos and bios of all Season 3’s sixteen new competitors. Those vying for the $100,000 Top Shot grand prize include Mike Hughes, a USPSA production division shooter from Washington, and ace ICORE and USPSA wheelgunner Cliff Walsh of Florida. Other practical pistol shooters include Amanda Hardin from Alabama and Mark Schneider of Florida. Watch the video below for a Season 3 sneak peek, including short profiles of all the competitors.

Top Shot Season 3 Preview — Meet the Cast

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July 20th, 2011

Shooting USA Showcases Fort Benning 3-Gun This Week

Fort Benning 3-GunFans of 3-Gun competition should watch this week’s episode of Shooting USA television. Wednesday’s show features the Fort Benning 3-Gun event, the only multi-gun match held on an active Army base. At this 3-Gun match, the USAMU Action Shooting Team created very tough stages, with combat-type challenges for the competitors. The video below shows stages at the 2010 Fort Benning 3-Gun Competition. The video begins with a competitor firing an Army-supplied M249 machine gun.

M24EI Sniper Rifle, Henry Rifle, and Julie Golob Also Featured
In addition to the Fort Benning 3-Gun coverage, this week’s ShootingUSA broadcast features three other interesting items. Shooting USA provides a first look at the U.S. Army’s new, upgraded sniper rifle, the M24EI, based on Remington’s XM-2010 modular rifle. Also, Shooting USA tells the history of the Henry Rifle, the first really successful lever rifle and the predecessor of Winchester’s classic Model 1866 and Model 1873 lever guns. Last but not least, Team Smith & Wesson captain Julie Golob gives a lesson in IDPA shooting — one of today’s most popular pistol competitions.

This rare .44 caliber Henry rifle, used during the Civil War, sold for $48,300 at a 2009 auction.

Shooting USA airs Wednesday on the Outdoor Channel at these times:

Eastern: 4:00 PM, 8:30PM, 12:00 Midnight | Central: 3:00 PM, 7:30PM, 11:00 PM
Mountain: 2:00 PM, 6:30PM, 10:00PM | Pacific: 1:00 PM, 5:30PM, 9:00 PM

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July 19th, 2011

ATF Reports Rifle Production Down, Handgun Production Up

Americans are apparently buying more pistols but fewer rifles — that’s the trend suggested by the latest Firearms production statistics from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). According to the ATF’s 2010 Interim Annual Firearm Manufacturing and Export Report, U.S. firearm manufacturers produced more than 5.4 million firearms in 2010. This represented a small (2.7%) reduction in total U.S. firearm production compared to 2009. However, the really notable statistic was a dramatic 18.8% reduction in rifle production. Rifle production decreased 18.8%, while handgun production increased 14.9%. That’s a big swing. Shotgun production remained relatively steady, only dropping 1.2 percent.

Firearms Production ATF

Editor’s Comment: Since these are production numbers, not sales figures, it may be premature to say that American shooters are spending a lot less money on rifles, but we know that sales of AR-type “black rifles” are down significantly. There was a rush of AR “panic buying” after the last presidential election that was not sustained. We are also concerned that fewer young Americans are learning to shoot rifles, while the average age of target rifle shooters continues to climb. We need to expand efforts to get young people involved in rifle shooting and hunting.

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July 19th, 2011

Keith Lay Wins 2011 Black Powder Target Rifle Nationals

Keith Lay edged fellow shooter Jack Odor to take home the title of 2011 Creedmoor Nationals Black Powder Target Rifle Champion. Lay’s spotter, Dan Theodore, received the High Spotter Award. Lay and Theodore also won the two-man team award with a 1004-12X combined score.

As overall champion, Lay received a handsome black powder rifle donated by Gale and Paul Shuttleworth of Central Pennsylvania Arms. In the photo you can see Keith with the rifle and the historic Castle Trophy, a perpetual award for the event’s top marksman. Congratulations to this year’s winners, staff, sponsors and competitors for making the 2011 Creedmoor Nationals Black Powder Rifle Championships such a success.

2011 Creedmoor Nationals Category Winners
Open Gold Keith Lay – 514 6X
800 Yards Aggregate Dave Gullo – 196 11X
900 Yards Aggregate Keith Lay – 173 1X
1000 Yards Aggregate Jack Odor – 163
High Military Rifle Dennis Bruns
High Muzzle Loader Lee Shaver – 444 8X
High Newcomer Trent Lawrence – 464 3X
High Scope Darrell Tonn – 464 4X
High Senior Bob Engelbach – 494 3X
High Spotter Dan Theodore
High Tollofson Jim Terry – 451 7X
High Woman Margo Hanson – 476 6X
High Marksman Jen Griffis – 430 6X
High Sharpshooter Brice Harper – 354 2X
High Expert Chip Mate – 489 5X
High Master Dave Gullo – 501 14X

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July 19th, 2011

Problem with Tailgaters? Try a Claymore Hitch Cover…

What do you get for the man who has everything? How about a replica Claymore mine trailer hitch cover. Produced by GG&G, a leading maker of scope rails and other gun accessories, the hitch cover tells tailgaters to “back off”. The Replica Claymore Hitch Cover is sized like the real deal and fits standard 2″ hitch receivers. It is manufactured from UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic. Each GG&G Claymore Hitch Cover has a red panel attached to both side edges with the word “REPLICA”. However, this item is still prohibited in some jurisdictions. Please read the Important Legal Disclosures below.

GG&G replica claymore mine hitch

The Claymore Hitch Cover is currently on sale for $39.95. If you like the idea, but don’t have a trailer hitch on your vehicle, check out the $37.00 Claymore Desk Accessory. It’s a perfect “conversation piece” for your den or office. The Desk Accessory It looks identical to the Claymore Hitch Cover but has an easel-type support.

NOTICE: This product is prohibited in some states including,
but not limited to, the following:

Colorado — This item is prohibited under Colorado 18-12-109, Para. 7.
Florida — This item is prohibited under Florida Statute 790.165
Connecticut — Statutes indicate that this item may be prohibited.
New Hampshire — Statutes indicate that this item may be prohibited.

State, county and municipal laws pertaining to items such as the Claymore Hitch Cover are varied. This product is prohibited in certain states. The purchaser and end user are responsible for knowing exactly what the local laws are concerning purchasing or displaying this product and for abiding by those laws. It is your responsibility before purchasing this product to know the local laws. The purchaser and the end user understand that the use of any look-alike or replica explosive in commission of a crime may carry the same legal ramifications as if real explosives had been so used.
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July 18th, 2011

Leo Anderson Smashes 1000-Yard Score Aggregate Records

Leo Anderson 1000 yard recordMontana 1K benchrest shooter Leo Anderson has set a pair of astounding multi-match Light Gun Score Agg records. These are “records for the ages”. This season, Leo’s 6-match Score Aggregate was 99.5 (99,99,99,100,100,100), while his 10-match Score Aggregate was 96.8 (84,94,95,98,99,99,99,100,100,100). That’s amazing consistency. Given how hard it is to shoot a single 100 score at 1000 yards, Leo’s Aggs are jaw-dropping. It will be a long time before these Agg records are broken (if they ever are). Leo set his 99.5 (6-match) and 96.8 (10-match) records shooting a 17-lb rifle chambered for the 6mm Dasher. The Lawrence barrel was chambered by Montana gunsmith John King and Leo did the stock work himself (starting with a Shehane MBR Tracker).

Leo Anderson 1000 yard record

99.5 Six-Match Agg and 96.5 Ten-Match Agg at 1000 Yards
Leo set these multi-match Agg records at the Deep Creek Range near Missoula, Montana. Tom Mousel, another record-holding Montana shooter reports: “Our Agg season is now complete here in Montana. Leo ‘Legend’ Anderson has broken both the 6-match and 10-match score aggregate records. He hasn’t just broken them, he has smashed them, with a couple Aggs that are truly remarkable. As a fellow 1000-yard competitor, I fully understand what it takes to grind out a quality Aggregate. What Leo has done this year is the most impressive thing I think we might ever see in the 1000-yard benchrest game. Leo is one of the best of the ‘good guys’, and also, in my opinion, Leo is the best 1000-yard shooter to ever grace our sport. You’d have to check with Leo, but I believe these are his 14th and 15th world records in his career. Leo also holds our Club record for Light Gun group and score, when he drilled a 3.476″/100 back in August of 2008″. (See photo below)

Leo Anderson 1000 yard record

Record-Breaking 6mm Dasher Light Gun Specs
There’s nothing really exotic about the 17-lb Light Gun with which Leo set his score records. The stock is a laminated Shehane MBR Tracker with some modifications by Leo to make it track better. Leo altered the angle of the toe to match the forearm and modified the taper of the sides of the buttstock to ride better in the bags. Pillar-bedded into the stock is a Stiller Viper Drop Port. Leo loves this action. He says it is very fast to operate and the flat bottom makes it easy to install in the stock. In addition, the Viper action works well with his preferred CCI 400 primers: “I can run stout loads of H4895 with the Viper without cratering the primers. Some guys with other factory and custom actions have problems with the CCI 400s which are not as hard as the 450s.”

The 29.5″, 5-groove, 0.237″ land, HV-counter barrel was crafted by Lawrence Barrels. Based in Lewiston, Montana, Lawrence Barrels currently makes mostly AR barrels, but Leo says they make great cut-rifled tubes: “I currently have Lawrence barrels on both my Light Gun and my Heavy Gun. These Lawrence barrels both shoot great. I think they are the equal of the best examples from top barrel-makers such as Krieger and Bartlein.” Leo has tried straight-contour barrels, but he prefers some taper (similar to a Krieger #17 contour): “In my experience, tapered barrels seem to shoot better, at least in a 17-pounder. The gun is less nose-heavy and tracks better.” The barrel on Leo’s record-setting Light Gun currently has about 900 rounds through it.

For optics, Leo runs a 12-42x56mm Nightforce BR model with NP2DD reticle. Leo tells us: “the NP2DD reticle is my favorite and I have great confidence in the Nightforce. We tried it side-by-side with a big name European-made high magnification scope, and the Nightforce was visibly better. At 1000 yards it had better clarity, better sharpness, better resolution.”

Record Setting Dasher Recipe: Berger 105gr VLD, Hodgdon H4895, CCI 400, Lapua Brass
While many top 6mmBR and Dasher shooters use Varget or Reloder 15, Leo prefers Hodgdon H4895, which has a slightly faster burn rate. Leo tells us: “Right now, the H4895 and CCI combo is giving the best accuracy, and it’s a clean combination. I’ve shot a lot of Reloder 15, but the H4895 burns so much cleaner.” Leo’s load is running around 3050 fps, but “he’s not too concerned with what the chronograph says — when we tune our loads we go by what shows up on the target.” Leo is loading a bit more than 32 grains of H4895. (Editor’s NOTE: This load is for fully fire-formed Dasher cases ONLY. It is NOT safe to use in a 6mmbr with 105s.) Leo’s favorite projectiles are the “thin-jacket” Berger 105gr VLDs, pointed with a Whidden pointing tool. Leo turns his necks with a K&M neck turner.

To save on barrel life, Leo fire-forms his brass using a separate barrel. He prepares the brass with a false shoulder, then fires the cases loaded with pistol powder, cream of wheat and low-density plug in the end. He tried forming case with pistol powder alone, but that required much more powder and didn’t produce results as good as the cream of wheat method.

Shooting Fast — the Importance of Smooth Tracking
Leo tells us that you need a great-tracking rig to be competitive in the 1K game these days: “Some guys are getting 10 shots downrange in 20 seconds or less. It takes me about 30 seconds.” To shoot that fast, the gun needs to track perfectly so you can just slide it back and stay on target. “If you want to shoot fast, everything’s got to be working right — and your stock really needs to track well. If you’re chasing the knobs on your rest, you’re not getting [your bullets] down range.” Leo says the stock’s geometry must be “near perfect” in order for the gun to come back to the same spot shot after shot.

Leo Anderson’s Advice for New Long-Range Shooters.

We asked Leo if he had any advice for shooters new to the long-range benchrest game. Here are some of his thoughts:

1. Pick a Winning Cartridge – Leo thinks the Dasher is just about perfect for a 17-lb rifle: “Any more cartridge than that, you have too much gun movement. Something in the Dasher range is the perfect size. We shoot the Dashers around the 3050 fps node. Even with the 6-6.5×47 you’re just burning more powder, and at the higher node, the gun starts rocking and things start getting away from you.”

2. Get Good Equipment Right from the Start – “Go ahead and bite the bullet and buy good stuff right off. Too many guys try to get off cheap in the beginning. They end up buying two or three guns as they upgrade. You save money in the long run by buying good stuff in the beginning.”

3. Practice, Practice, Practice – “We get a lot of practice in the process of tuning and load development. We put in the time — on things like bullet sorting, case prep, load tuning.”

4. Keep Pushing for Perfection – “A lot of guys get a load that seems pretty good, and then they get lazy. Don’t be content when you get a 6-inch group at 1000, because the gun might shoot a LOT better. I’ve got Aggs in the five-inch range.”

Leo Anderson 1000 yard record
Leo reports: “Here’s our ‘secret’ 1000-yard range out in the sticks where we do some spring tuning”.

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July 18th, 2011

Revive Your Brass with DJ’s Brass Service & Restoration

With top-quality cartridge brass approaching $1.00 per case, it’s more important than ever to get maximum life from your match brass. Annealing can extend the useful life of your brass, and ultrasonic cleaning allows you to eliminate carbon build-up inside cases that have been fired numerous times. You can certainly do annealing and ultrasonic cleaning yourself, but to get the best (and most consistent) results, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment and spend a good deal of time and effort learning how to use it properly. Likewise, turning case necks requires expensive tools, and it takes time and practice before you’ll get perfectly-turned necks.

DJs Brass Offers Annealing, Cleaning, and Neck-Turning
If you don’t have the resources to purchase annealing and ultrasonic cleaning machines, or if you don’t have the time to neck-turn hundreds of cases — don’t fret, there is an affordable option., run by benchrest shooter Darrell Jones, offers annealing, ultrasonic cleaning, neck-turning, and complete brass prep services (including OAL trimming) at very reasonable rates. Darrell will anneal 100 cases for $15, and he’ll neck-turn your cases (any caliber), starting at $30.00 per hundred. Even if you’re a skilled neck-turner, if you just acquired a new caliber, it might make sense to send the work to Darrell, instead of purchasing new expander mandrels and turning arbors.

False-Shoulder Forming for Wildcats
Do you shoot an “improved” short-necked wildcat like the 6mm Dasher? Want your fire-forming to go without a hitch? Darrell can take your parent brass and create a false shoulder so you get a good crush fit in the chamber. If you’re running a tight-necked chamber he can create a false shoulder AND turn the top half of the neck to fit your chamber.

Video Shows Annealing Process
In the video below, Darrell explains the wide variety of brass restoration services he offers. Darrell says he can “bring your brass back to life” and we have found that to be true. We had some 6mmBR brass with no-turn necks that started to lose their “competitive edge” after just 7-8 loadings. The neck tension had become inconsistent from case to case, and bullet seating force (measured with a gauge-equipped K&M arbor press) varied widely. We were seeing unexplained flyers, and ES had nearly doubled compared to when the brass was fresh. Annealing the cases really made a difference. The neck tension was much more consistent and bullets seated more uniformly with less “spiking” of seating force. Paying $15 for annealing is a lot cheaper than buying a new box of brass for $80.00 or more!

Darrell offers a variety of services at affordable rates. To order work by Darrell, visit, or call (205) 461-4680:

Case Annealing Only
Cost: $15.00/100 for standard cases; $20.00/100 for magnum cases.*

Combination Service (Cleaning and Annealing)
Ultrasonic Cleaning, Check for split necks, Anneal case necks.
Cost: Starting at $20.00/100 standard and $25.00/100 for magnum cases.*

Full Service (Case Prep, Cleaning, Annealing)
Uniform primer pockets, Chamfer, Ultrasonic cleaning/polishing, Anneal case necks.
Cost: Starting at $30.00/100 and up.*

Neck Turning or Trim-to-Length Custom Order Service
Cost: Starting at $30.00/100 for standard cases.*
(Darrell can also resize necks or false shoulder your cases. Call for quotes.)

Muzzle Brake Ultrasonic Cleaning
Removes carbon buildup to restore critical bullet clearance requirements.
Cost: $15.00 + flat rate USPS actual shipping.

*Add USPS flat-rate return shipping. Call (205) 461-4680 for quotes on miscellaneous, military bulk brass or high volume discount. Note: Prices subject to change.

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July 18th, 2011

Creedmoor Black Powder LR Nationals at Whittington Center

The two-day 2011 Creedmoor Nationals for Black Powder rifles concludes today in Raton, NM. Many of the nation’s top black powder shooters are vying for the historic “Castle” trophy at the Whittington Center Range. Today’s course of fire is identical to Sunday’s — ten shots at each of three distances: 800, 900 and 1,000 yards. Weather was reasonably stable on Sunday, 17 July, but thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.

The Creedmoor Championship and the Castle Trophy

Castle Trophy BPCR CreedmoorThe Creedmoor Nationals’ match history dates back to the 19th century with the purchase of the Creed Farm in Long Island, New York. A long range black powder match between the United States and Ireland at the brand new Creedmoor range drew a significant amount of attention to the shooting sports and drew eventually drew its name from the NRA’s range. The 2011 championship currently being conducted at the Whittington Center is based on the original course of fire in keeping with the tradition of the match.

Castle Trophy
The Castle Trophy was first awarded to the 25th Lanarkshire Volunteers by Lord Elcho for their win over England and Ireland in a shooting match in 1871. The trophy was used as a prize at Creedmoor matches over the next couple of years. A noted inscription on the trophy reads: “Overall winners National Rifle Association of America 2nd Round” April 25, 1873. To honor the victors in the famous Creedmoor 1874 challenge match the USA and Ireland, this trophy was given to Colonel John Bodine of the United States of America Team.

Shown below, looking rather dapper in their waistcoats and top hats, are members of the American rifle team that defeated the Irish squad in 1874:

Story and photos by KJillson courtesy of the NRA Blog.
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July 17th, 2011

Ammo Sale and $5.00 Shipping Promotion at is currently running an Ammo Sale, with prices on some items are reduced up to 30%. In addition, now through July 19th, mechandise orders of $150.00 or more can be shipped for just $5.00. (Note, this does NOT apply to firearms sales,there may be additional charges for heavy items, and gift card purchases don’t qualify.) Some of the better deals are listed below:

  • Federal 7.62×51 (.308 Win) Gold Medal Match
    Loaded with 175gr Sierra Match Kings
    Item: IK-218116, $21.99 on Sale (20 rounds)
  • Federal 5.56 NATO Ammunition with Ammo Can
    Loaded (on stripper clips) with 62gr green-tip bullets
    Item: IK-218085, $150.99 on Sale (420 rounds)
  • Federal American Eagle .40 S&W with Ammo Can
    Loaded with 165gr FMJ bullets
    Item: IK-218023, $129.99 on Sale
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    July 16th, 2011

    CMP’s “Rusty” Kimber 82Gs Offer Good Value for the Price

    If you’re looking for a low-cost “entry-level” rimfire target rifle, consider a Kimber 82G from the CMP. These have been available for quite some time, but last year the CMP sorted its Kimber 82G inventory into two categories: “Rusties” and “Cleans”. Both categories are new rifles. The rusty rifles have a minor amount of surface rust which can usually be cleaned off with just some light oil and a rag. On some of the guns there is some rust in the bolt and on the sights, which may require some work with a metal brush or steel wool. The other cosmetic flaw is that many of the rifles have a thin, scored line along the buttstock, cause by the tip of the boxcutter. That can be sanded out.

    Kimber 82G from CMP

    Why, you might asked, would one choose one of the “Rusties”? Well, there are more in stock, and you can save 33%. The “Rusty” model Kimbers currently sell for just $400.00, $200 less than the “clean versions”. For a family on a tight budget, looking for a junior training rifle, the more affordable “Rusty” may be the better choice. Forum member Roarke says these “Rusty” Kimbers are well worth the money. Roarke writes: “I know because I bought one of these for $400, as opposed to $600 for the non-rusty, and it looks absolutely brand new.”

    Kimber 82G from CMP

    Forum member Michael L. (aka Chief 1018) concurs that his “Rusty” Kimber has been a great purchase: “I purchased a ‘Rusty’ from the CMP last year. No rust, but a lot of preservative. As you’ve probably read in the CMP forums, the bolt internals may be a little rusty/fouled. I immersed mine in WD-40 in a Zip-loc for a couple of days while I cleaned up the rifle. The oil turned brownish, but when I tore it down it was bright and clean. I think some of the ‘rust’ may be dried up preservative. It had the ‘signature’ box-cutter slice but that sanded out when I stripped, sanded, and tung-oiled the entire stock. The stock has very nice walnut with some dark figuring. The gun shoots great! The adjustable trigger is excellent.”

    Roy Bertallato Reviews Kimber 82G
    If you want to learn more about the Kimber 82Gs, Forum member Roy Bertallato has written an excellent article about his Kimber 82G from the CMP. Like many others, Roy couldn’t resist the $400.00 price, so he ordered one of the “Rusties”. Yes there was some light rust on small parts, but otherwise Roy was more than happy with his purchase:

    “Sure enough, for $200 less, you can get a Kimber 82G RUSTY. I check out the qualifications and I had everything I needed in the way of qualifications so I decided to buy one. For $400, how bad could it be? Like anyone, I was VERY concerned that I’d get something that looked like it came out of the hold of a battle ship.” Roy’s fears proved unfounded: “There was just a very little bit of surface rust on the bottom [of the bolt]. Everything else you see that might appear to be rust is some type of red-yellow preservative. The action has zero rust, just some more nasty preservative. The bore is pristine! The rifle was stored with a paper straw in the bore saturated with some kind of oil.”

    Kimber 82G from CMP

    “The Kimber 82G is quite a rifle. It is a very heavy barrel, single shot, bolt action. It is supplied from the CMP with a fantastic set of target sights (worth a couple hundred dollars themselves), a heavy target stock with an adjustable butt plate for younger shooters, full instructions etc. Brand new, never fired rifles. I bought a beautiful Kimber sporter stock off Ebay and the action fits right into it.”

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    July 16th, 2011

    Great Deal on SnapCaps from Harbour Arms

    discounted Harbour Arms SnapcapsOur buddy Eric Kennard of Harbour Arms is offering a “Christmas in July” special on his high-quality metal SnapCaps. These are precision machined aluminum SnapCaps with internal springs. Now, through the end of July, you can purchase two sets of SnapCaps (two units per set), along with two Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs) — all for just $23.95. Eric offers SnapCaps in a wide variety of calibers including .308 Winchester, 6 PPC, 6mmBR, 6BRX, 6mm Dasher, 6XC, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47, .260 Rem, 6.5-284 and dozens more.

    With Eric’s SnapCaps, you can dry-fire to your hearts content without harming your gun’s firing pin or fire control system. Veteran high-power shooters know the importance of dry-fire practice — one former National Champion told us he would dry-fire at least six hours for every hour he spent on the firing line. Even benchrest shooters can benefit. By using Eric’s SnapCaps, you can improve your gun-handling and trigger-pulling techniques. This Editor found his rimfire benchrest scores improved after dry-fire practice. I learned to pull the trigger straight back and I learned the hold that produced the minimal disturbance on the bags.

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    July 15th, 2011

    Camp Perry Trophy Room Featured on

    Camp Perry TrophyA “Special Edition” of highlights the perpetual NRA trophies awarded at the NRA National Championships. In this webcast, reporter John Popp and Mike Krei, Director of NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division, tour the Camp Perry Trophy Room. The Trophy Room holds roughly 130 statues, cups, plaques, and other awards that have commemorated the accomplishments of pistol and rifle shooters for more than a century. The oldest trophy dates back to the historic 1874 Creedmoor challenge match between Irish and American rifle teams.

    Traveling Trophy Road Show
    The seven-week span of the Camp Perry National Matches is only time all these NRA trophies are gathered together in one place. Krei explained: “[The trophies] are all in traveling cases… we bring them out annually (from NRA headquarters) and set them up [at Camp Perry] so everyone can see them.” Notable shooters such as Carl Bernoski, Sherri Gallagher, David Tubb, John Whidden, and Lones Wigger have their names etched on historic trophies like the Norman Adair Trophy, the Frank Parsons Memorial Trophy and the Wimbledon Cup.

    Camp Perry Trophy

    To watch the Camp Perry Trophy Room webcast, log on to, select “SHOW ARCHIVES” then click on the “Jul 14″ tab near the top left corner. Scroll down (using the slider bar) to find the “Curator’s Corner” link, showing a 00:15:47 play time. Click on that and the video should load on the right within a few seconds. Be sure to click on the Curator’s Corner video first — if you click on a different video you’ll have to sit through the whole thing before the Curator’s Corner Video will play. Also, when you click the Curator’s Corner Video, the actual trophy feature doesn’t start until 01:47:00 point in the clip.

    Camp Perry Trophy

    There will be future segments from the Trophy Room. These will be webcast on in the near future. Audio-only versions of the Trophy Room webcasts will also air on Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.

    Story by Lars Dalseide, courtesy the NRA Blog.
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    July 15th, 2011

    Litz Tests Android OS Ballistics App at Ultra-Long Ranges

    Shooter Android AppBryan Litz, Ballistician for Berger Bullets and author of Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting, has tested the latest version of the Shooter Ballistics Calculator for Android™ OS Smartphones and portable devices. This is a very sophisticated, full featured App that incorporates the latest bullet databases with Litz G7 BCs as well as a wealth of other information. It provides extremely reliable ballistics solutions at all ranges, and in all atmospheric conditions.

    Shooter App Wyoming 2400Bryan tells us: “The Shooter App has been improving steadily since it was first released and there are many new capabilities now. One of the cool new features is a wireless Bluetooth link to Kestrel Weather Trackers. This can automatically provide the exact atmospherics at your location.”

    Bryan used the Shooter App on a trip to Wyoming: “I shot a Sako TRG42 in .338 Lapua Mag to 2400 yards with Berger’s new 300gr hybrids. The dope from the Shooter App was spot on up to 103 MOA of drop using the G7 BC of .419 for that bullet! At 2400 yards, even at 6,000 ft+ elevation, the bullet is subsonic but remained stable and tracked perfectly with the predicted trajectory from Shooter. I don’t know if the same bullet would be stable at sea level when fired at that range or not but it worked well at 6,500 feet.”

    Shooter App Wyoming 2400

    Litz Says Shooter App Offers Very Sophisticated Ballistics Solutions
    Bryan thinks the Shooter App is extremely accurate: “I consulted on the solver development for Shooter so I can personally vouch for the accuracy of this program. You can set up profiles for rifles and ammo types including calibration factors for scope adjustments, temperature affects on powder burn rate / muzzle velocity, and of course G1 and G7 referenced BCs (you can define a ‘stepped’ BC for both as well). You can set preferences for units, atmospherics, station pressure or altitude, and more. It can calculate spin drift and Coriolis effect, or those features can be disabled. If your smartphone has GPS, the program can automatically populate the latitude for Coriolis calculations.”

    Shooter App Bryan Litz

    Shooter App is just $9.99 — A Bargain Given Its Capabilities
    The full-featured Shooter App sells for $9.99 in the Android Apps Marketplace. Visit the Shooter App Website to preview the program’s functions and see how the entry screens work. The App is easy to install and run. There is a also a ‘Lite’ version of SHOOTER that you can download for free.

    CLICK HERE for SHOOTER Android OS Ballistics Program.
    CLICK HERE for SHOOTER LITE Android OS Ballistics Program.

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    July 15th, 2011

    Bore-Store Gun Storage Bags 10% Off on Updated Website

    Big Spring Enterprises, the Arkansas-based maker of Bore-Store gun sacks, has completely updated the website. You’ll now find a modern, easy-to-use online shopping cart system with decent-sized product photos. To mark the new website’s “grand opening”, the Bore-Store folks are offering a 10% discount on all online orders. Everything in the webstore is now 10% off. With the discount, handgun cases start at $4.95 and the smaller rifle cases are just $14.40. And there are also knife pouches and multi-pocket magazine stores starting at $450.00.

    On the updated website, it’s easier than ever to select the right size and shape for your particular firearms — from pocket pistols, to long-barreled Palma rifles. If you don’t know which size Bore-Store to order, the handy “Case Finder” tool will steer you to the appropriate product after your enter your firearm’s height (with scope) and length. For most scoped rifles, you’ll want either the 10″ x 46″ scoped rifle bag or the 10 x 52″ scoped shotgun bag (this works great for long-barreled target rifles).

    Bore-Stores Protect Your Guns in Many Ways
    We recommend Bore-Stores and we use them. Our take on Bore-Store Gun sleeves is simple: They work great, so buy them and use them — for ALL your valuable firearms. These thick, synthetic-fleece sacks cushion your guns, preventing nicks and scratches. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, and the fibers are coated with corrosion inhibitors. This Editor personally uses Bore-Stores for in-safe storage with all my guns, and I have never had one of my guns rust inside a Bore-Store, even when I lived a stone’s throw from the ocean.

    Bore-Stores are offered in a wide range of sizes, so you can find something to fit everything from a Snub-nosed revolver to a 32″-barrelled 50 BMG. Rifle-size Bore Stores can be purchased for $17.00 – $21.00 from Brownells or MidwayUSA. Of course, you can also order direct from Big Spring Enterprises at Big Spring will also craft custom large or unusual sizes on request.

    Story idea from Edlongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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    July 14th, 2011

    Save Money with MidwayUSA Coupon Codes

    Now through the end of July, MidwayUSA is running a promotion that can save you up to 10% on your online purchases. Note: sale, clearance, out-of-stock and Nightforce products do not count towards the total. Gift certificates do not count towards the total. These discounts apply to in-stock, regularly-priced items only. Remember the deadline is July 31, 11:59 pm, Central Time.

    Coupon Code: 5071171
    Type of Discount: $10 off $50 or more
    Expiration date: 2011-07-31 23:59:59

    Coupon Code: 1561171
    Type of discount: 10% off $100 or more
    Expiration date: 2011-07-31 23:59:59

    Coupon Code: 2561171
    Type of discount: 10% off $200 or more
    Expiration date: 2011-07-31 23:59:59

    Coupon Code: 3561171
    Type of discount: 10% off $300 or more
    Expiration date: 2011-07-31 23:59:59

    To receive your Savings:
    1. Add regular price, in-stock products to your cart totaling:
    $100 or more – Use Promotion Code 1561171
    $200 or more – Use Promotion Code 2561171
    $300 or more – Use Promotion Code 3561171

    2. Enter the promotion code into the box titled, “Promotion Code” on the shopping cart page.
    3. See the discount applied on the Confirmation page near the end of the checkout.

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    July 14th, 2011

    Steel Challenge Applications Due Soon

    The Shooting Wire reports that there are just two days left to take advantage of the early registration discount for the 2011 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. Competitors must submit Match Applications this Friday, July 15, 2001, to take advantage of the discounted match fee. If you get your application postmarked by Friday then you’ll also be entered in a drawing for a new Ruger Mark III pistol. If you aren’t familiar with the Steel Challenge, held each year in Piru, California, it is one of the top pistol competitions in the world. Check out this video highlighting our friend K.C. Eusebio, who has set fastest times on many of the Steel Challenge Stages.

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    July 13th, 2011

    NRA National Championships Commence at Camp Perry

    Camp Perry CannonOn Monday, 11 July, the 2011 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships officially commenced at Camp Perry, Ohio. DCM Emeritus Gary Anderson led a procession of special guests into the ceremony.

    Poor weather cancelled the traditional delivery of the colors by a parachute team, so the flag was presented to Anderson by a squad from the Ohio National Guard. VIP Guest Joseph Westphal, Under Secretary of the Army, addressed the gathering, and then Westphal fired the ceremonial First Shot, followed by wounded warrior SFC Sene Polu, who fired the second shot.

    Now that the championships have begun, each morning the National Matches start with a bang — a big bang. With the raising of the colors, a cannon is fired in salute. On 12 July, Mike Krei, NRA’s Director of Competitive Shooting was chosen to fire the cannon, marking the first day that shots are going down range at the NRA National Pistol Championships.

    Camp Perry Cannon

    Pistol Championships Underway
    We are now into the second day of competition in the National Pistol Championships. It’s day two of the NRA National Pistol Championships, and that means competitors are firing the NRA Preliminary Pistol Championship today in three separate relays. In this morning’s first relay, shooters took to the range to complete the Center Fire, .22 Caliber, and .45 Caliber stages of fire. The aggregate of these stages comprises each competitor’s total score.

    Who are the front-runners? SFC Jim Henderson of the Army Marksmanship Unit won this Championship last year with a score of 890-42X, but the record of 894-50X was set by Brian Zins in 1996. At this stage in the match it’s too early to tell who the winners might be, but with 10-time National Champion Brian Zins sitting out this year, there may be some surprises. James Lenardson, SSG Jean-Noel Howell, David Lange, and SSG Patrick Franks are just a few of the competitors who are riding high after yesterday’s Revolver Matches, but Philip Hemphill, SFC Henderson, John Zurek, and many others could still finish on top of the podium.

    Story by Kerrin Brinkman and photos courtesy the NRA BLOG.
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