December 20th, 2011

ATF and Industry Experts Consult on Import and Export Issues

ATF Compliance ConsultingIf you have a business that makes or sells firearms or gun parts (from triggers to barrels), you’ve probably learned that import/export regulations are complex. A thicket of federal regulation governs arms importation. And when it comes to shipping products overseas, the rules and regulations can vary from destination to destination. To help businesses comply with applicable laws on import and export, two experienced professionals now offer consulting services for the firearm industry.

Larry White — Firearms Import Specialist
After retiring from the ATF recently, 35-year veteran Larry White has established an import consulting business, Arms Trade Solutions, based in Virginia. White started his career with ATF in 1976, spending the past 19 years in the imports arena, most recently as industry liaison/analyst for the Firearms and Explosives Services Division. Larry told us that he can “handle all matters involving the ATF, with a concentration in firearms importation issues.” Larry added that he can also assist FFLs and gun-shop owners in basic issues of compliance and records maintenance. You can contact Mr. White at larrywhite [at], or call (703) 855-7330.

Kim Pritula — Export Sales and Compliance Specialist
Another industry veteran, Kim Pritula, now serves as president of KMP Global Consulting, which provides guidance and expertise to firearms industry companies on export compliance, export sales and ATF compliance. Pritula has more than 25 years of experience in the field, most recently serving as Sturm, Ruger’s director of export/ATF compliance and security. Based in New Hampshire, Ms. Pritula can be contacted at (603) 382-8974.

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