May 16th, 2012

New Ballistics App from Bryan Litz for Android Devices

Applied Ballistics App AndroidBryan Litz has just released AB Mobile, a new, state-of-the-art Ballistics App for Android OS devices. (An iOS version for iPhones/iPads is in the works, but ETA is not yet set.) For those familiar with the Shooter App for Android and iOS, the $29.95 AB Mobile App is basically an extended/advanced version of Shooter. AB Mobile was coded by the same programmer, and uses the same solver, but this new AB App has an enhanced interface, plus many additional features that extend capabilities beyond any ballistics App currently on the market. In the video below, Bryan explains the features of the AB Mobile App and shows how to navigate through the various function screens.

Applied Ballistics App Android Applied Ballistics App Android

READ AB App Users Manual | Preview and Purchase App in Google Marketplace

Applied Ballistics Mobile App Features:

  • Accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables
  • Built-in library of Litz-measured G1 and G7 Ballistic Coefficients for popular bullets.
  • Access weather data and latitude from GPS or Kestrel via blue-tooth link.
  • Web-sync feature stores rifle/ammo libraries online for quick retrieval.
  • Features custom drag curves for specific bullets as in-app purchases ($1.99).
  • Displays single shot solution in HUD view or Reticle view.
  • Displays multi-shot solution in Reticle view, table, and graph.
Applied Ballistics App Android Applied Ballistics App Android

Custom Ballistic Calibration Based on Observed Drops
In addition, Applied Ballistics’ AB Mobile App offers Ballistic Calibration, so you can enter your observed drop at range and the program will calibrate your muzzle velocity, projectile drag (BC), and drop scaling over various segments of the trajectory. This is great for tactical shooters who need highly accurate drop tables for unknown distance matches. For those without access to chronographs, Ballistic Calibration also give you a fairly reliable MV baseline.

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