July 23rd, 2012

Kemply Wins Smallbore 3P Championship, Weiss is Runner-Up

Tarl Kempley 3-PositionTarl Kempley is the 2012 NRA 3-Position Smallbore National Champion. Tarl combined a second-place finish in the Any Sights (scopes allowed) event with a fourth-place finish in the Metallic Sights event to end up winning the overall championship with a combined 2295-108X score. (The NRA 3P Smallbore National Championship is based on combined scores of the Metallic Sight Match and the Any Sight Match.)

NRA Smallbore Rifle 3-Position Championship
(Combined Metallic Sight and Any-Sight)

1. Tarl Kempley, 2295-108X
2. Kirsten Weiss, 2287-96X
3. Amanda Luoma, 2281-92X
4. Reya Kempley, 2276-107X
5. Christopher Abalo, 2276-100X
6. Benjamin Swanson, 2276-87X
7. Deanna Binnie, 2272-106X
8. Samuel Muegge, 2270-97X
9. Lisette Grunwell-Lacey, 2267-86X
10. Garrett Rabel, 2263-84X

Tarl has been a top smallbore competitor for many years. He won the 2011 NRA Metric 3-Position National Championship, and, in 2009, Tarl won the 3-Position Metallic Sight Championship at Camp Perry. This year he pulled it all together to win the 3-Position Overall Championship, chalking up high X-Count along the way. Interestingly, the next three finishers were women: Kirsten Weiss (2287-96X), Amanda Luoma (2281-92X), and Reya Kempley (2276-107X).

Kirsten Weiss Team LapuaWeiss Shoots Iron Sights in Any Sight Match
Yet Finishes Second Overall

Team Lapua’s Kirsten Weiss provided the come-from-behind story of the match. Shooting through extremely adverse conditions during the Any Sight Match on Day 2, Kirsten rose from eighth place to finish Second Overall and High Woman. This is particularly remarkable because Weiss shot the Any Sight Match with metallic (iron) sights! The majority of the other shooters opted for scopes. With the winds howling at over 20 mph, and the temperatures 25 degrees cooler than on Day One, Weiss shot consistently in the prone, kneeling, and standing portions. Weiss captured the standing segment and finished consistently near the top in prone and kneeling. Weiss uses a well-traveled Anschutz rifle with old-fashioned wood stock.

Weiss Used Ammo Tested in Lapua Tunnel
“I was very happy with my shooting, especially in the tough conditions on Day Two,” reported Kirsten. “Back in April I was at the Grand Opening of the Lapua Rimfire Service Center in Arizona and was able to comparison test some lots of Midas+ and X-ACT with my rifle.” Weiss says the lots of ammo she selected for her gun “performed great”, as her performance proved.

Kirsten Weiss Team Lapua

NRA Smallbore Rifle
3-P Metallic Sight Championship

1. SGT Joseph Hein, 1194-81X
2. CPT Christopher Abalo, 1193-76X
3. SSG George Norton, 1193-75X
4. Tarl Kempley, 1192-76X
5. Reya Kempley, 1191-80X
6. Amy Fister, 1190-72X
7. Kirsten Weiss, 1190-66X
8. Mackenzie Martin, 1189-65X
9. Amanda Luoma, 1188-68X
10. SSG Henry Gray, 1187-76X

NRA Smallbore Rifle
3-P Any-Sight Championship

1. Benjamin Swanson, 1105-38X
2. Tarl Kempley, 1103-32X
3. Kirsten Weiss, 1097-29X
4. Amanda Luoma, 1093-24X
5. Garrett Rabel, 1092-39X
6. Candice Ramus, 1089-36X
7. Lisette Grunwell-Lacey, 1088-34X
8. Megan Hilbish, 1088-29X
9. Deanna Binnie, 1086-38X
10. Reya Kempley, 1085-27X

CLICK HERE for more information on the NRA Smallbore Rifle National Championship.

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