October 23rd, 2012

Set Up Your Own 10 meter Air Rifle Range

The great thing about shooting a precision air rifle is that you can practice indoors, for example in your garage or basement. All you need is a lighted room with an uninterrupted run of 10 meters (32.8 feet) and a secure backstop. Champion’s Choice, www.champchoice.com, has a neat, turn-key solution for Airgun shooters. The Gehmann 10 meter Target Set (item 180LP) offers everything you need for your own 10 meter shooting station. The set includes:

– Target holder (attaches to transport lines)
– Pellet trap with transporter wheel
– Transporter drive and cables
– Crank Drive wheel, v-belt, and mount

Gehmann Target Changer

You can place the pellet trap against any solid backstop, and mount the drive wheel to a secure bench or platform at a convenient height. The entire manual system shown above costs $175.00. Note, Gehmann also makes a motorized 10m airgun target changer (model 182). It’s made for 230v only, and to get one in the USA, you’d probably have to special order it. Still, it’s pretty slick as you can see:

Better Targets for Better Airgun Scores
Champion’s Choice and PilkGuns.com also sell German-made Edelmann 10m air rifle and air pistol targets, the best available. These high-grade targets are printed on the finest cross-grain card stock so pellets punch clean, clear holes. This allows easier, more reliable scoring.

CLICK HERE for Specifications of Edelmann Targets

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