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October 11th, 2012

Varmint Hunter Magazine Back Issues for $2.00 per Issue

VHA Jamboree 2012The Varmint Hunters Association (VHA) is offering back issues of the Varmint Hunter Magazine at deep discounts. A total of 34 issues in the range of # 6 (April 1993) through #68 (October 2008) are now on sale for just $2.00 per issue. (Some back issues have already sold out, hence there are only 34 choices available at the $2.00 price.) These are the regular print magazines from the original print run. If you would like to add to your existing collection of shooting magazines, or start a new varminting resource library, this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some “classic” back issues. Shown below are the covers of eight of the 34 available back issues. CLICK HERE to place order with VHA Store.

Sample Varmint Hunter Magazine Back Issues
Varmint Hunter Magazine

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October 11th, 2012

New Info Site and Case Trimmer Tool from PMA Tool

Serious reloaders know that PMA Tool makes some of the best specialty reloading tools you can buy. To help folks get the most out of their 21st century products, the company has created a new informational website. PMA’s Pat Reagin explains: “We have created a side-site, linked off of our main website, that is just for information. We will adding new product tips regularly. On this page we will post in-depth information about our tools, videos, customer-submitted information and photos, as well as a calendar of shooting events.” You can access PMA’s “At the Bench” info site at:

PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer

One highlight of the new PMA info site is a section dedicated to PMA’s new Micro-Adjust Case Trimmer. Pat tells us: “We’ve had quite of bit of interest in the new case trimmer, but a lot of guys want to see it in action. So we’ve created a couple of videos featuring the new trimmer. The first intro video, linked below, shows how to adjust and use the trimmer in various modes. We also produced a longer, 14-minute Instructional Video with more detail on trimmer adjustment and set-up.”

Watch Micro-Adjust Case Trimmer Video

The PMA Micro-Adjust Case trimmer indexes off the shoulder but it also provides precise control over neck length. You aren’t limited to a built-in, neck-length setting like some other shoulder-indexed trimmers. The PMA Micro-Adjust Trimming tool currently sells for $119.95 including one cartridge insert. The inserts, which can be purchased for $13.95 separately, can often work for a multiple cartridge types within the same family. For example, you can use the same insert for both .243 Win and .260 Rem. There is another insert that works with both 7mm-08 and .308 Win.

PMA Micro-Adjust Case Trimmer Features:

  • Indexes off shoulder for easy, consistent trim length.
  • Cases captured in no-scratch, Delrin™ inserts.
  • Fully rotating head with bearing for smooth operation and clean, square cuts.
  • Sharp carbide cutter for quick, smooth cuts with minimal burr.
  • Spring loaded head allows complete control of rate of feed.

How to use the PMA Micro-Adjust Case Trimmer
The trimmer indexes case off the case shoulder through the use of interchangeable Delrin™ inserts which capture the shoulder and neck of the case. This insert is contained in a spring-loaded tool head that rides on a linear bearing. The Micro-Adjust Trimmer can be used in three ways.

PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer

First, you can secure the case in a PMA caseholder chucked in a power drill, drill press, or lathe. You hold the trimming tool with your hand and feed in the spinning case. (This method is handy because if you leave the case in the holder, after you have trimmed to length, you can switch tools and chamfer the case-mouth using the same power source).

PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer

In the second method, the trimmer’s adjustment knob is removed (after locking the setting) and the cutting shaft is chucked in a drill, drill press. or lathe. Using this method, the case itself is held by hand and fed into the cutter. Lastly, the trimmer can be used manually, holding the case in one hand and the trimmer in the other. That’s the slowest method, but it works if you do not have power tools handy.

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