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December 15th, 2012

No More Excuses — Get a Safe for Your Guns

In light of the tragic events in Connecticut, we strongly urge all readers to secure their firearms so they cannot be accessed by juveniles or mentally unstable persons in the household. If you don’t have a gun safe, get one. Don’t procrastinate because of cost factors — here is an affordable option you can get from Walmart. The $597.00 24-gun Cannon Safe is big enough to hold a large collection of arms and heavy enough that it would be difficult to remove — particularly if it is bolted down. Yes, there are better-built safes. But this $597.00 Cannon is a viable option if you can’t afford anything of higher quality. You want a safe that is big and heavy enough that it can’t be easily hauled off with a hand truck. For more information on Gun Safes, read our Gun Safe Buyers’ Guide

The Cannon Safari Series 24-Gun Capacity gun safe comes with a built-in door panel organizer, electronic lock, and a 30-minute fire rating. The interior is fully lined with lint-free fabric and the bottom is pre-drilled for bolting the safe to the floor. The electronic lock allows the owner to change the combination and a 9-volt battery is changed from the outside. Its door is locked with steel-active locking bolts on the left side and door wraps around the inside right side.

  • 30-minute fire protection rating
  • Internal hinges and expandable smoke seal
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Dimensions: 59″H x 26″W x 22″D (depth includes handle and lock)
  • Model# 5926BLKEDOK

UPDATE: Bulletin Reader Michael found that has a similar 60″ x 26″ x 20″ Cannon TS6026E Challenger Gun Safe on sale for just $449.99 through December 18th, 2012. That’s the web price, but if you need delivery you have to add $100.00 for oversized shipping. If you can get to a local Tractor Supply Co. outlet near you and pick the safe up yourself, this may be an amazing deal if the store honors the web price. Don’t dawdle — Sale ends December 18th!

Cannon Safe Tractor Supply Sale

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December 15th, 2012

New Accurate LT-32 Powder Coming in January

Midsouth Shooters Supply is now taking advance orders for the new Accurate LT-32 Powder, with initial deliveries expected in January 2013. Price for a 1-lb container is $25.12, while an 8-lb jug runs $190.50. Produced by Western Powders, LT-32 is an extruded powder with extremely small kernels (roughly .0275″). This powder is designed to perform like the legendary “T-322″ powders which worked brilliantly in short-range benchrest cartridges, especially the 6mm PPC. Early testers report that Accurate LT-32 meters superbly and is easy to tune. Western claims LT-32 exhibits very low standard deviation. (Photos below by Speedy Gonzalez).

Accurate lt32 powder Western

Speedy Says Accurate LT-32 is Very Promising
Benchrest Hall-of-Famer and noted gunsmith Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez tested the prototype LT-32 powder from Western Powder earlier this year. Speedy stated: “It pains me to say it, but the new LT-32 out-shot my best lots of [the original] IMR 8208 (T-322)”.

Accurate lt32 powder Western

Speedy reports: “I must say that I was quite surprised by the results of my initial testing of the new Western Powder LT-32. Shooting this morning over my Oehler 35P triple screen chronograph yielded some very unexpected results. My best lot of ‘T’ powder continues to exhibit its age as it continues to lose velocity (as it ages). While the new Western LT-32 demonstrated this morning velocities equal to what my old ‘T’ powder used to shoot like 30 years ago.

This new powder goes through the measure like a ball powder. (Note: I have always felt that one of the reasons ‘T’ powder shot so well was due to the fact it measured so well as compared to other powders. This is a definite advantage for us that rely on consistent volume instead of weight.) I will have to shoot it over a season to see if it is as temperature and humidity insensitive as ‘T’, but it looks very promising from what I saw today.

It has yet to be seen if the new LT-32 proves to not be affected by temperature and humidity like the old T-322. But from these short tests it very much mimics my T-322 of old. My ‘T’ powder was always a blessing to me in the fact that when I went to a match I did not have the same problems everyone else was having [i.e. having] to tune up and down over the course of a weekend or week. I got to shoot and concentrate on the conditions instead of making it a tuning competition. It was always kind of funny watching everybody going up and down on their powders trying to accommodate the changes in weather as the days went on. Hopefully this will allow all to become better shooters by being able to concentrate on shooting and not re-turning every time one comes back from the bench.”

Statement from Western Powders

The Accurate LT-32 is an exact copy of the original T-32 manufactured in the same plant and on the same machinery as the original. Lou Murdica has been extensively testing it and he tells us it is the easiest powder to tune that he has seen in 40 years.

Accurate lt32 powder WesternAccording to Lou, the chamber that everybody was using in the 80s will work with this powder. The bullets do not need to be seated way out in order to get more powder in the case. In testing the powder in our Bond Universal receiver against the original “T” powder, SDs were about 30% lower with the new powder versus the “T” powder. Lou and Don Nielson donated 16 lbs. of the original T-32 lot of powder for our quality control and that is what the new powder is shot against.

All of our powders are allowed to deviate +3% to -5% in pressure from the quality control lot except LT-32 which we cut the deviation percentages in half in order to have the best lot to lot consistency in the industry for this powder[.] We developed this powder specifically for the 6mm PPC and it is QC’d in the 6mm PPC.

Keith Anderson
Western Powders Ballistic Lab

NOTE: Accurate LT-32 should also be available from in mid-to-late January 2013. Listed Prices are: $24.10 for 1 pound and $182.00 for 8 pounds.

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December 15th, 2012

SHOT Show 2013 is Just One Month Away

Shot Show 2013Believe it or not, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2013 SHOT Show is only a month away. The SHOT Show, to be held January 15-18 in Las Vegas, is the biggest event of the year in the gun industry. There will be thousands of exhibitors in the Sands Expo & Convention Center. If you qualify to attend the show (SHOT Show is not open to the general public), you can register today at While you’re on the SHOT Show website, you can sign up for optional offerings including retailer and law enforcement seminars, the State of the Industry Dinner, SHOT Show University and more (Some of these programs require significant additional costs). While getting reading for SHOT Show 2013, you can access current updates and SHOT Show news through the SHOT Show Blog and the SHOT Show Facebook Page.

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