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December 28th, 2012

Christmas Past — A Legend in the Making

Waylon Jennings famously crooned: “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys”. Well the young fella in the fuzzy photo didn’t grow up to be a cowboy, but he did become one of the greatest rifle shooters in history. Can you guess who this is?

christmas past legend

- Guess Who Is in the Photo -
(Answer will be revealed in tomorrow’s Daily Bulletin).

christmas pass legend

The photo was taken on a Christmas morning, decades ago, when our mystery man was around three years old. He told us: “Starting with toy guns, then BB guns, then 22s, and then centerfires — doing stuff with rifles was just part of my upbringing. This is something I did with my family. That’s my grand-dad in the photo with me.” What happened to the toy six-shooters and fancy double-holster rig? Our mystery subject lamented: “Oh that’s long gone. Wish I still had that rig, it would bring back memories….”

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December 28th, 2012

Gene Bukys Sets New Sporter 100/200 NBRSA Grand Agg Record

Gene Bukys NBRSA Record ArizonaBenchrest shooter Gene Bukys has smashed the existing Sporter Class 100+200 yard Grand Aggregate record, lowering the NBRSA record from 0.1886 to 0.1777. That’s a big deal in the short-range benchrest game. This record was shot in October, 2012 at the Arizona Nationals.

On Benchrest Central, NBRSA SW Regional Director Tom Libby reported:

“Yes it’s said that ‘Every Thing is Bigger in Texas’. Well in this case ‘Smaller is Better’ and Gene has done it with his new World Record for five 5-shot groups at both 100 and 200 yards in the Sporter Class Grand Aggregate.

The Old Record: .1886
The New Record: .1777

[That includes five targets at EACH distance, ten targets total.]

Great Job Eugene G. Bukys!

It is my understanding that Gene has bought a new special cowboy hat to start putting his awards on it but don’t get to close to him as the brim will hit you in the head.

Bukys and Barrel Tuners
Commenting on Buky’s record-setting performance, Boyd Allen writes: “Gene has a fine record as a shooter, and his rifles have tuners (at least the bag guns do, I’m not sure about the rail.) In contrast to other users of tuners, I’m told that Gene tunes his to the middle of a node, locks it down, and does not move it again, preferring to tune with normal means. I think that the effectiveness of this approach is pretty evident — the proof is now in the record books! Gene would tell you that he has never seen a barrel’s accuracy increased by the addition of a tuner, but that, with a tuner, accuracy nodes are wider. I would add that, while Gene’s tuner is an important component, we must acknowledge Gene’s outstanding shooting skills — this man can win with or without a tuner.”

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