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December 31st, 2012

Powder Valley Holds the Line on Prices of Reloading Supplies

Powder Valley Inc.Here’s good news for purchasers of reloading components. Powder Valley Inc. (PVI) is “holding the line” on prices of powder, primers, brass, and bullets. In so doing, Powder Valley is “keeping the faith” with its customer base. By contrast, many local gun shops and big box retailers have jacked up prices on guns, ammo, and reloading supplies in response to a spike in demand. With the hue and cry for new gun control legislation, gun owners have rushed to stores to get guns, ammo, and reloading components. Predictably, some retailers have raised prices on everything from primers to all types of semi-auto firearms. Not so with Powder Valley. If you check the PVI website, you’ll see that prices for almost all products in stock are basically the same as a month ago (before the events in Newtown). Unlike some other vendors, Powder Valley has refrained from ramping up prices. We commend PVI for this.

Powder Valley Inc.

Here is what Powder Valley owner Bryan Richardson told us about his company’s pricing policy:

“We watched back in 2009 as companies jacked up their prices due to supply and demand. This may make sense for some retailers and manufacturers. However, this is not the way we do business, nor will ever do business. It is completely against our conviction.

My wife and I established our business in 2000 with a mission statement of: ‘Providing the finest in reloading components and other shooting sports related products at the best possible price. In doing so, we will conduct business with the utmost respect and consideration for the customer’s needs by constantly demonstrating honesty and integrity.’

Therefore, increasing prices due to current market and political conditions is contrary to our mission of conducting business with the utmost respect and consideration for the customer’s needs. It is my opinion that if we want our industry to survive… we cannot price consumers out of shooting. Therefore, when you see our prices increase or decrease it is simply based off of the manufacturer’s or importer’s pricing. I think history shows that consumers remember the companies who elevated their prices for short-term profits and those who did not. We are here for the long haul and want to grow our business through building our customer base, not increasing our prices.”

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December 31st, 2012

Maisto Competition Cartridge Boxes — Quality Craftsmanship

Up in Wisconsin, a gentleman named Joe Maisto crafts some exceptionally nice competition cartridge boxes. Each box is hand-machined (no molds, no CNC), with the holes precisely fitted to the cartridge you shoot. Joe has been building his boxes since 1996, first from wood, and now from more durable (and easier-to-clean) polymers. Joe started with a hinge-top 25-round box (with magnetic latch) for short-range benchresters. He still makes that box, but now he also offers 40-round boxes, high-top boxes (for bigger, taller cartridges), open top cartridge blocks, and combo blocks with holes for cases and a built-in tray. Our buddies in the short-range benchrest game say the Maisto boxes are perfect for carrying rounds from the loading bench to the firing line. GO TO Joseph Maisto website.

25-Round Cartridge Boxes
These units were designed in 1996. The originals were machined of Walnut, Cherry, or Birch. They were lovely, laborious, and expensive. To make the price more affordable, the wood units have since been retired in favor of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The front holes are separated for “record rounds”. Holes are bored with a minimum of clearance, and up to the shoulder. Additionally, each cartridge slot has a smaller hole in the bottom to allow debris to exist. These $60.00 boxes feature a quality stainless steel hinge with small but strong magnets that provide secure closure. While these were originally crafted for PPC cases, Joe offers various hole diameters for different-sized small cartridges.

joe maisto cartridge box

40-Round Cartridge Boxes
For those who want more capacity (for longer strings of fire), Joe offers 40-round cartridge boxes. These allow shooters to change loads on the line, or simply have more rounds in a single box. With finger grooves front and back, the 40-rd boxes work for both left and right handers. Just like the 25-rd boxes, the 40s have a stainless hinge and magnetic closure. Price is $130.00.

Large Cartridge Box
Joe’s Large Cartridge Boxes are taller to accommodate the bigger cartridges used for long-range shooting. These feature magnetic latching and and bottom exit holes, just like the Joe’s original PPC boxes. Joe notes that, for some cartridges, the Large Boxes “have 20 holes instead of 25 because of the larger cartridge head size”. When ordering the Large Boxes, you need to specify cartridge dimensions and cartridge overall loaded length (COAL). Price is $65.00 per box.

joe maisto cartridge box

Cartridge Blocks
These cartridge “blocks” are made from the same material as Joe’s cartridge boxes. Each has finger grooves and exit holes. Joe says: “The size of the block is perfect for manipulating primed cases under a powder measure where space is a factor.” The 20-round block costs $19.00. Joe also offers a version with a recess on one side for empties. These have either 10 or 14 holes and cost $28.00.

joe maisto cartridge box field tested gear
Joseph A. Maisto
3647 Debby Lane
Franksville, Wl 53126
PH: (262) 886-1610
Email: jmaisto [at]

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December 31st, 2012

Magna-Tip Torx Driver Set from Brownells

Here’s a cool Torx driver from Brownells that belongs in every shooter’s tool box. The Magna-Tip Tactical/LE Field Torx Kit features a driver with five (5) Torx bits to fit popular scope rings and bases. A storage compartment in the handle holds the bits when not in use. A built-in magnetic socket in the handle holds each bit securely in the shank. We think this is a great new product. When Eyeballing a Torx screw, it’s hard to tell which size bit is required, and the short, L-shaped Torx wrenches that come with ring sets get lost all too easily. The $17.99 Torx Driver Kit, (Brownells Item 080-000-757), will help shooters keep all their often-used Torx bits safely in one place.

Brownells Magna tip torx driver

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