December 7th, 2012

Berger Bullets Rolls Out Redesigned and Enhanced Website

Report by Jeff Williams, AccurateShooter Correspondent
If you’ve visited lately, you’ve noticed that Berger Bullets has completely over-hauled and updated its website. The new website has a very handsome, clean layout. It is also faster to load and much easier to navigate. We give Berger an “A” grade for the new website.

Berger bullets

Berger bulletsOn Berger’s home page you’ll find product descriptions, easy-to-use (smart-phone friendly) product buttons, pull-down menus for all four Berger bullet line-ups, recent news items, plus videos. Click “Links” to access a comprehensive list of reloading resources with a directory of shooting association websites. Click the Berger Bulletin tab to read current product status reports, technical articles, and shooting tips.

Redesigned Bullet Info Tables
The bullet product info pages are much easier to read now. Simple tables display all the bullets of a particular type (hunting, target, varmint, and tactical), organized by caliber and weight within calibers. You’ll find BOTH G1 model and G7 model Ballistics coefficients (BCs) for all the bullets in the tables, and recommended twist rates are listed.

Berger bullets

Berger Twist-Rate Stability Calculator
The new Berger website also offers a handy Twist-Rate Stability Calculator that predicts your gyroscopic stability factor (SG) based on mulitiple variables: velocity, bullet length, bullet weight, barrel twist rate, ambient temperature, and altitude. This very cool tool tells you if your chosen bullet will really stabilize in your barrel. LIVE DEMO BELOW — Just enter values in the data boxes and click “Calculate SG”.

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