March 23rd, 2013

Canadian F-TR Rifle in Dolphin Aluminum Chassis from UK

Canadian Fred Harvey of Star Shooter Precision recently posted photos of an interesting metal-stocked F-TR rifle, fitted with a Star Shooter CF-SS Bipod with carbon-fiber legs. This handsome .308 Winchester rifle features a Barnard S action, 30″ Krieger barrel (1:11.25″ twist), and aluminum stock/chassis from Dolphin Gun Company in the UK.

The all-up weight of this rig, including the Star Shooter bipod and mounting rail is 17 pounds, 15 ounces. (F-TR weight limit is 8.25 kgs, approx. 18.15 pounds). Gunsmith was Ian Robertson.

Dolphin Stock .308 Win F-TR rifle Star Shooter bipod

Dolphin Stock .308 Win F-TR rifle Star Shooter bipod

Dolphin Gun Company Aluminum F-TR/Tactical Rifle Stock

Dolphin’s modular, CNC-crafted F-TR/Tactical stocks are fully adjustable. Fore-ends are interchangeable and the pistol grip even adjusts for length of pull. Dolphin offers single shot and repeater inlets for Rem 700-style actions, Barnard S & SM actions, RPA Quadlite actions, plus BAT VR and Savage actions. Three types of fore-ends are available: short tactical style, long F-TR style, and a wide F-Open style. Repeater versions accept AI magazines. Dolphin claims the repeaters “feed faultlessly with any action fitted”. The aluminum Dolphin F-TR/Tactical stock comes with an adjustable buttplate fitted with Morgan Recoil pad. The bag-rider height also adjusts. These stocks sell for Ā£630 (about $960 USD) with either Dura-coat or hard-anodized finish. A variety of anodizing colors are offered.

Dolphin Stock .308 Win F-TR rifle Star Shooter bipod

CLICK HERE for other Dolphin Rifle Company Stocks.

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