April 23rd, 2008

H-S Precision Stocks on Sale — $259.99

Now through April 30, 2008, MidwayUSA has H-S Precision stocks on sale for $259.99. These stocks regularly sell for $307.99 at MidwayUSA, and are priced at $350.00-$370.00 on the H-S Precision website. These H-S Precision stocks feature Kevlar- or carbon fiber-reinforced shells, plus a CNC-milled aluminum bedding block. The integral aluminum block provides a solid attachment for the action. Many shooters report that the H-S stock, even without conventional bedding, delivers better accuracy than a typical factory Remington stock. Most smiths, however, believe that the H-S aluminum bedding block works even better when skim-bedded.

Six different H&S stocks are available for $259.99: the sporter-style model PSS003 (short) or PSS010 (long) for Rem 700s, tactical-style model PST012 (short) or PST087 (long) for Rem 700 actions with varmint contour barrels, the PSC100 benchrest style with 3″-wide fore-end for Rem 700 short actions, and the sporter-style PSS021 for post-64 Winchester Model 70 actions. In addition, the PSC027 Silhouette Thumbhole stock for Rem 700 short actions is offered for $269.99. All H&S sale stocks come in black only, glossy black for the PSC100 and matte black for everything else.

M. Weaver of Chandler, OK, who purchased the model PST087 stock (tactical long action), gave this review: “Great stock. Easy to change out. The aluminum full length bedding block takes away the need for any gunsmithing and allows the action to be torqued to proper specifications[.]”

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