April 1st, 2013

Homeland Security Authorizes $50,000,000 for New TSA Uniforms

DHS TSA uniformThe federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now has over 200,000 employees and spends upwards of $59,500,000,000 (59.5 billion dollars) annually (See DHS 2013 budget*). Recently, in response to Sequestration cutbacks, DHS released thousands of illegal immigrant detainees, citing budgetary reasons. However, just before the Sequestration went into effect, the DHS managed to find $50,000,000 for new Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) uniforms. With 58,400 TSA employees at present, that works out to $856 per uniform — enough for some mighty fine outfits, as you can see.

We wondered what our $50 million tax dollars were buying, so we researched the TSA uniform bid solicitation. Here are exclusive photos of the new TSA uniform designs which have “passed muster” so far. These illustrations show the handsome uniforms selected from the final round of bid submissions, pending Agency approval. We think they look pretty sharp!

Read More about TSA’s $50,000,000 “Sequester-Eve” Uniform Purchase

DHS TSA uniformDHS TSA uniform

*The $59.5 Billion-dollar DHS budget works out to $297,500 per worker (for 200,000 DHS employees).

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