May 8th, 2013

Universal Scope Head from Competition Machine (Gary Eliseo)

Gary Eliseo of Competition Machine is now (again) manufacturing adjustable heads for spotting scopes. These work great for High Power, Three Position, Across-the-Course, Prone, and F-Class shooting. The head fits on a scope stand, so it can adjust to any height you need. This is a super-high quality unit according to our buddy Dennis Santiago: “They’re back — the best scope head on the planet is back in production. Direct from Gary Eliseo this time. Uses any 3/4″- or 1″-diameter shaft stand.”

Gary Eliseo Competition Machine Universal Scope Head

Gary tells us: “I had so many people ask me to bring my scope head back into production I thought I’d try a trial run to see how they were received. Well, the first run nearly sold out just by word of mouth! I do have some still available from the first run, and we’ll do another run. Price is $185.00 plus shipping. You can choose from 12 Cerakote colors.”

Eliseo Universal Scope Head Features

  • Scope Head can be mounted above or below scope body.
  • Scope Head works for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. 6.25″ Offset.
  • Scope Head works with 3/4″-diameter and 1″-diameter uprights.
  • Integral dovetail mount (saves wear and tear on spotting scope base threads).
  • Coarse and fine elevation settings require no tools to adjust.
  • Adjustable windage disc brake friction.

The Competition Machine Universal Scope Head is available right now — a few units are left from the first production run. To order, call 714-630-5734. To see other Competition Machine products, including tube gun chassis kits, visit

Gary Eliseo Competition Machine Universal Scope Head

Gary Eliseo Competition Machine Universal Scope Head

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