July 15th, 2013

New Applied Ballistics DVD Set: “Putting Rounds on Target”

Applied Ballistics Rounds on Target DVD accurateshooter.comBryan Litz, author of two leading books on practical rifle ballistics, has produced a 3-disc multi-media DVD: Putting Rounds on Target. We’ve previewed this new DVD set from Applied Ballistics. The DVDs are very thorough and very well-made. This is an important product release — there is nothing like it on the market. If you are a serious long-range shooter, put this DVD set on your wish list. Even if you own one or both of Bryan’s books, we know you can benefit from this product. The DVD format provides many graphic aids and video clips that illustrate key principles being covered. The three DVDs deliver as much information as a weekend shooting seminar… at a fraction of the cost.

Applied Ballistics Rounds on Target DVD accurateshooter.com

The 3-disc DVD set costs just $39.95. That’s a bargain. Many shooting-related DVDs, with much less information, cost as much (or more) for a single disc. Putting Rounds on Target includes THREE discs, with a total run-time of 3 hours and 37 minutes. Plus, in addition, Bryan is tossing in a fourth, BONUS disc with 40 minutes of match coverage from the Berger SW Nationals. This documentary-style DVD highlights individual and team competition in Sling, F-Open and F-TR classes.

Watch Video Preview of Applied Ballistics 3-DVD Set

Interested? Pre-orders for Applied Ballistics’ new 3-disc instructional DVD set are now being accepted on the Applied Ballistics website for an expected ship date of August 15, 2013. CLICK HERE to Pre-Order.

Bryan tell us that his new DVD set was designed to give shooters the technical knowledge that will improve their scores on the target: “We explain the science involved in putting rounds on target at long range. After a classroom-type presentation (on video), we demonstrate the principles in live fire at the range with three different rifles (.308 Win, .284 Win, and .338 LM). In the end, DVD viewers will have the information and techniques required to master this technical subject matter. Follow along as the science is applied on the range to hit targets from 100 yards to a mile (1760 yards) with different rifles and ballistic solutions.”

Applied Ballistics Rounds on Target DVD accurateshooter.com

Disc 1

  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Tall Target Test
  • Chronographs & Statistics
  • Ballistic Coefficient
  • Trajectory Terms
  • Run Time: 1 hour, 4 min
  • Disc 2

  • Primary Elevation Influences Wind
  • Secondary Effects
  • Using Ballistics Solvers
  • Short & Long Range Equipment
  • Run Time: 1 hour, 11 min
  • Disc 3

  • On The Range: .308 Win
  • On The Range: .284 Win
  • On The Range: .338 LM
  • Extended Range Shooting
  • Equipment for Extended Range Shooting
  • One Mile Shooting
  • Run Time: 1 hour, 22 min
  • Applied Ballistics Rounds on Target DVD accurateshooter.com

    Applied Ballistics Rounds on Target DVD accurateshooter.com


    The Applied Ballistics instructional DVD set also includes a fourth BONUS disc: Long Range Competition: It’s Worth It. Filmed at the 2013 Berger SW Long Range Nationals, this 40-minute video DVD shows NRA long-range target shooting in Sling, F-TR, and F-Open divisions. Both individual and team competition are featured. If you like competitive shooting, you’ll enjoy this bonus disc.

    About Bryan Litz
    Champion shooter and Ballistician Bryan Litz explains and demonstrates the science of external ballistics for use in long range shooting. Bryan Litz is a well-known expert in the field of external ballistics. His books, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting and Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting are considered “required reading” for serious long range shooters — both recreational and professional.

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