July 2nd, 2013

Zeiss Offers Free Calibrated Elevation Turret with Some Scopes

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics recently announced the Zeiss-Kenton Industries Custom Turret Promotion. Here’s how it works. When you purchase a new CONQUEST HD5 Riflescope, you get one of two Kenton Custom Turrets calibrated for your specific load — either a LR Hunter Turret or Speed Dial Turret. Eligible models for this offer are the Zeiss CONQUEST HD5 3-15×42 #20 reticle with Lockable Target Turret, and the CONQUEST HD5 5-25×50 #20 reticle with Lockable Target Turret. The retail value for the free custom elevation turret is $125.00.

Zeiss Compensation Ballistics Turret Promotion Kenton Industries

Zeiss Compensation Ballistics Turret Promotion Kenton IndustriesMike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics USA explains: “With our custom turret system, you just set the dial to the number 4 for 400 yards and you are done. No complicated math, no color codes to compensate for the bullet drop. The numbered markings on the custom turret by Kenton Industries are easy to read and intuitive. Our new CONQUEST HD5 scopes with 5x SuperZoom provide maximum brightness, image quality, and field of view[.] Now add a ‘no-hold-over’ PLEX reticle with the Kenton custom target turret and you have an extremely accurate and very robust long-range shooting setup.”

To receive a free Kenton Custom Ballistic Turret for your Zeiss scope, the qualifying CONQUEST HD5 Riflescopes must be purchased from an authorized ZEISS dealer between 07/01/2013 and 09/30/2013. Customers need to mail-in the completed order form together with a copy of the sales receipt. Once approved, the custom turret should ship within 2-3 weeks and is very easy to install. The order form requires typical ballistic information such as: cartridge, ammuntion type (factory or handload), bullet weight, zero distance. This offer is valid for U.S. customers only. To learn more about Carl Zeiss Sports Optics products visit www.zeiss.com/sports or log on to the Zeiss Sports Optics Facebook Page.

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