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February 9th, 2014

World’s Most Accurate IT Guy? JayChris at the Berger SWN has something no other website has — an IT guy (and database guru) who can lay down tens and Xs at 1000 yards. This past week, Jay Christopherson (aka ‘JayChris’) has been competing at the Berger Southwest Nationals. During Saturday’s 1000-yard individual competition, Jay scored 388-12X. For the day, that topped a number of high masters, including a couple past F-Class National Champions. Not bad for a self-declared “computer geek” competing in his very first major match against national-level competition.

UPDATE: On Sunday, Jay did even better, finishing with a 392-14X for the day. Again, he out-shot many of the more experienced High Masters. Good on you Jay!

Berger Southwest SW Nationals

Congrats to Jay, who may be the world’s most accurate IT guy. We have to respect a man who can SHOOT and COMPUTE. To explain, Jay is the guy who keeps our servers humming, and who maintains the databases that drive our Forum, Daily Bulletin, and main website. couldn’t run smoothly without Jay’s brain-power, coding skills, and dedication. He is truly the “genius behind the scenes” who makes it all possible. All of us are fortunate to have Jay on the team.

Jay reports: “After a rough start on Day One, I came back to take third place (2nd MA is a fancy way of saying third) in my class for Day Two 1000-yard matches, in windy conditions. Far as I can tell, I’m currently somewhere around 16th out of about 80 shooters overall (all classes), but won’t know for certain until they post the Aggregate results. I’m not likely to catch the leaders, but I think this was a decent showing so far for my first National-level match.”

How did Jay become such a good shooter? He revealed: “Actually, I’ve learned a ton of stuff from some of the smart guys on the Forum. But you also have to have good equipment, and good reloading techniques, and you have to put in the range time.”

Here is Jay (on right) with your Editor Paul McM (aka “Forum Boss”) on left.
Berger Southwest SW Nationals

Berger Southwest SW Nationals

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February 9th, 2014

New 2014 NRA Competition Rules Available — Download for Free

It’s a new year, and that means there are updated NRA Competition Rules. The NRA has just made available PDF files with updated 2014 rules for all the NRA competition disciplines (both rifle and pistol classes). You can download free digital versions of all NRA rifle and pistol competition rules via the NRA’s RULE BOOKS webpage.

Below are links for the competition rifle classes (except muzzle-loaders). You can download the 2014 Rule Changes or complete NRA Rule Books in PDF format. Updated changes to the rule books are effective now, as passed by the NRA Board of Directors in January 2014.

High Power Rifle | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

High Power Sporting Rifle | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Int’l Fullbore Rifle Prone | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Int’l Rifle (includes Air Rifle) | lDownload 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Precision Air Rifle Position | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Smallbore Rifle | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Silhouette Rifle | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Black Powder Target Rifle | Download 2014 Rule Changes | Download Rule Book

Bound copies of all NRA Rule Books (except HP Sporting Rifle and Int’l Fullbore Rifle Prone) may be ordered online from the NRA Store at

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