February 5th, 2014

Jerry Gets His Gun — S&W 8-Shot 9mm Revolver

Few people love double-action revolvers as much as Jerry Miculek, and nobody on the planet shoots them better. Jerry is the undisputed double-action wheelgun master of the universe, having won just about every revolver competition you can imagine.

Jerry has long wanted a wheelgun that could shoot widely available 9mm ammo, using moon clips. Jerry finally convinced Smith & Wesson to build such a beast — officially dubbed the S&W 929 JM Signature Series. It features an 8-shot cylinder, enhanced internals, premium barrel, and a removable compensator. Jerry says “this thing is built exactly to my specifications. This is what I have been wanting forever.”

In the video above, Jerry tests one of the first-ever 929 revolvers. During the “unboxing”, Jerry is grinning from ear to ear. He actually says: “It’s like Christmas guys [with] a brand new toy.” When he gets his hands on the new gun, you can see his enthusiasm. At the end of the video, Jerry takes the new 929 out to his backyard range, and does an 8-shot rapid fire test. The gun shoots impressively fast and flat, and you can tell Jerry has a new “sweetheart” revolver. Jerry says “Wow — I don’t know if this is love or lust, but I’m likin’ it already guys.” Watch the video to see a pretty cool new S&W, and the legendary Jerry Miculek in his element.

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