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March 3rd, 2014

Krieger Barrels — Like Father, Like Sons

Krieger Barrels John KriegerKrieger Barrels Inc. is a family-run business. Founder John Krieger now works with two of his sons in the business, Andrew (“Andy”) and Mark. At SHOT Show 2014 we had a chance to chat with John and Andy. John told us that he is very proud to work with his two sons. He said that Andy, who has a degree in engineering, brings an important skill set and a new level of scientific expertise to the business. On his part, Andy says that his father is a “great boss… and the best teacher you could have”. Meet this father and son barrel-making team in this short video.

John Krieger and Andrew Krieger

How does Krieger Barrels produce such a great product year in and year out? It takes a lot of highly-skilled labor and some serious machinery to produce outstanding cut-rifled barrels. To illustrate the barrel-making process, Krieger has produced a fascinating video, filmed at Krieger’s production facility in Richfield, Wisconsin. This video shows the process of single-point, cut-rifled barrel-making start to finish. If you love big, powerful machines, you’ll enjoy this video. Its really quite amazing to see all that’s involved in the production of cut-rifled barrels.

How Krieger Barrels Are Made (MUST-WATCH video — one of the best we’ve ever featured).

For anyone interested in accurate rifles, this is absolutely a “must-watch” video. Watch blanks being cryogenically treated, then drilled and lathe-turned. Next comes the big stuff — the massive rifling machines that single-point-cut the rifling in a precise, time-consuming process. Following that you can see barrels being contoured, polished, and inspected (with air gauge and bore-scope). There is even a sequence showing chambers being cut.

Here is a time-line of the important barrel-making processes shown in the video. You may want to use the “Pause” button, or repeat some segments to get a better look at particular operations. The numbers on the left represent playback minutes and seconds.

Krieger Barrel-Making Processes Shown in Video
00:24 – Cryogenic treatment of steel blanks
00:38 – Pre-contour Barrels on CNC lathe
01:14 – Drilling Barrels
01:28 – Finish Turning on CNC lathe
01:40 – Reaming
01:50 – Cut Rifling
02:12 – Hand Lapping
02:25 – Cut Rifling
02:40 – Finish Lapping
02:55 – Outside Contour Inspection
03:10 – Engraving
03:22 – Polish
03:50 – Fluting
03:56 – Chambering
04:16 – Final Inspection

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March 3rd, 2014

Midsouth Introduces Line of Value-Priced Reloading Products

Midsouth Shooters Supply Reloading FunnelWe like Midsouth Shooters Supply. For 44 years, this outfit has offered very competitive prices, quick shipping, and a real commitment to customer satisfaction. Midsouth has also been a strong supporter of this website since the very beginning (when we were just getting started). The guys at Midsouth are real shooters, who use the products they make and sell.

We’re pleased to report that Midsouth Shooters Supply is introducing its own line of value-priced reloading gear. You’ll find a wide selection of Midsouth-brand products: ammo boxes, load trays, powder funnels, bullet pullers, media sifters, vibratory tumblers and more. And Midsouth is even offering its own branded tumbling media (corn or walnut) and liquid brass polish. We think you’ll find the pricing on all these products to be extremely competitive. Here are a few examples:

Midsouth Shooters Supply Reloading Tumbler Kit Tumbler Kit
(Tumbler, Separator, Media, & Brass Polish)

Price: $72.93

Item: 038-502024

Midsouth Shooters Supply Reloading Box Hinged-Top
50-Round Ammo Box
222/223 Rem

Price: $1.72

Item:038-502004 (Red)
Item:038-502005 (Clr)

(100-round boxes are also available for $2.52)

Midsouth Shooters Supply Reloading Funnel Powder Funnel Set
(Two Funnels plus inserts)

Price: $4.64

Item: 038-502029

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