March 5th, 2014

35th Anniversary Blue Book of Gun Values — Coming Out Soon

Blue Book Gun Values 2014 35th EditionThe new 35th Anniversary Edition Blue Book of Gun Values is now available for pre-order. To ensure you get your copy as soon as it is released on April 11, 2014, pre-order now.

2500 Pages, 175,000 Prices
1500 Manufacturers, 20,000 Gun Models

The Blue Book of Gun Values, by S. P. Fjestad, covers 1,500 manufacturers and trademarks, with almost 20,000 gun model descriptions, and over 175,000 price listings. This new Anniversary Edition contains significantly updated values and information. New 2014 makes and models have been included, along with updated values on discontinued and antique firearms. Features of the latest 35th edition of the Blue Book include pricing updates on major trademark current, antique, and discontinued models, including Colt, Winchester, and Sturm Ruger. You’ll also find extensive information on nearly 200 AR-15 and AK-47 manufacturers and importers. This unique resource contains more values, more listings, and more history than any other firearms guide on the market, by far.

The Anniversary 35th Edition of the Blue Book boasts over 2,500 pages, easily giving it the highest page count of any firearms book currently in print. For 2014, new domestic and imported makes and models have been included. All gun values have been thoroughly updated for both modern and antique firearms, including the paramilitary style guns. Other features include the 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System (PPGS) and serialization and proofmark sections to help in identifying firearms. The Blue Book of Gun Values is the firearm industry’s most trusted reference book with over 1.6 million copies in print.

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