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June 2nd, 2014

No Sights? No Problem … Kirsten Weiss Shows How It’s Done.

Imagine you’re out in the field and your scope fails or you have a malfunction with your iron sights (maybe the front blade snaps off). You’d think that means you can’t shoot anymore. Well think again. In fact, as Kirsten Joy Weiss demonstrates in this video, it IS possible to shoot a rifle without a scope or conventional sights — and one can do so with surprising accuracy. Trick shot artist Kirsten shows how you can align a corner of your action with a spot at the end of the barrel to aim at your target. With no sights, Kirsten manages to shoot a very respectable group — drilling 4 of 7 shots in one ragged hole.

kirsten weiss trick shot biathlon rimfire 22 LR cute girl shooter

Watch Kirsten Put 4 of 7 Shots in One Ragged Hole with No Sights

YouTube Link:

kirsten weiss trick shot biathlon rimfire 22 LR cute girl shooter

Kirsten created another video earlier this year, where she also did some precision shooting without sights, hitting a pair of bottle-caps at 25 yards. CLICK HERE for Kirsten Bottle Cap Video.

To view all of Kirsten’s videos, visit the Kirsten Joy Weiss YouTube Channel.

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June 2nd, 2014

Anschütz Launches USA-Based Sales and Service Operation

Anschutz Anschütz North America ServiceJ.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG (Anschütz), elite German manufacturer of airguns and rimfire arms, recently announced the launch of Anschütz North America (Anschütz NA), a subsidiary enterprise based in the USA. Anschütz NA will distribute and market rifles and shooting accessories for the US market. Importantly, Anschütz NA will provide after-sales service and Warranty work for Anschütz products. Anschütz NA will commence business activities in the USA on July 1, 2014.

Anschutz North America aluminum stock

Jochen Anschütz, president of J.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG in Ulm, Germany noted, “The USA is a powerful market with a huge demand for Anschütz premium quality rifles. Over the years, the continued interest from the American hunters and target shooters in our fine hunting and high-precision target rifles has given us the confidence to further grow and support this important market.”

“While attending the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas … both I and my father, Dieter Anschütz, [realized] that not only do we need to continue to provide our excellent rifles, but [we need] also to expand our legendary Anschütz service here in America,” he said. “We feel that the best way to support this new growth is to take the distribution and sales service into our own hands.”

anschutz biathlon rifle Jochen Anschütz

Anschütz NA will offer Anschütz after-sales service for all company products, as well as warranty support, repairs, spare parts, and tech info. The established Anschütz distribution chain and main dealer network in the US will continue to operate as before. To learn about Anschütz NA services, contact Customer Relations Manager Steven Boelter at: steven.boelter [at]

Model 1727F (17 HMR) Rifle with Fortner Straight-Pull Action
Anschutz straight-pull 1727 F

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June 2nd, 2014

Lyman E-Zee Case Length Gauge II Measures 70+ Cartridge Types

Lyman E-zee case gauge II cartridge length gageLyman’s popular E-Zee Case Length Gauge is now bigger and better. The new version II of Lyman’s Case Gauge is much larger than the original version. The Case Gauge II now measures more than 70 cartridge types — way more than before. This tool is a metal template with SAAMI-max-length slots for various cartridge types, including relatively new cartridges such as the .204 Ruger and Winchester Short Magnums. This tool allows you to quickly sort brass or check the dimensions. If you have a bucketful of mixed pistol brass this can save you hours of tedious work with calipers. You can also quickly check case lengths to see if it’s time to trim your fired brass.

If you load a wide variety of calibers, or do a lot of pistol shooting, we think you should pick up one of these Lyman Case Gauge templates. They are available for under twenty bucks at Sinclair Int’l and The folks at Sinclair say the E-Zee Case Gauge II has a been a hot seller.

Lyman E-zee case gauge II cartridge length gage

Case Gauge Should Last a Lifetime
Easily measure the case length of over 70 popular rifle and pistol cases with Lyman’s new E-Zee Case Length Gauge II.

This rugged, precisely-made metal gauge makes sorting or identifying cases fast and accurate. The template is machined with SAAMI max recommended case lengths. Made from metal, with no moving parts, the E-Zee Case Gauge II should last a lifetime.

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