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June 6th, 2014

Wachter Talks about the Mental Game in Competitive Shooting

Anette Wachter Mental Game VisualizationOur friend Anette Wachter, aka “30CalGal”, stars in a new video from NRAWomen.TV. In this episode of Tips & Tactics, Anette talks about the “mental game” in competition. Specifically she explains how to “visualize success”:

I have found that a lot of my success in competition has come through what I call a ‘mental rehearsal’. I actually visualize every stage of the match and I visualize the success of the match and winning the match.

I actually visualize that round going downrange into the target, and the target coming up with a dead-center ‘X’. I visualize this over and over. If you visualize success you will achieve success.

If you liked the above clip, here’s another video in which Anette offers tips for shooting with bipod:

Visualization is a process of mental preparation that is done before you get to the range. Many of the greatest shooting champions have used this technique to get ready for big matches, and to optimize their performance during record fire. If you want to enhance your “mental game” through pre-match visualization, we strongly recommend Lanny Bassham’s book, With Winning in Mind.

As a competitive smallbore 3P shooter, Bassham developed a mental management system. Using this system, Lanny Bassham won 22 world individual and team titles, set four world records, and captured an Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in 1976. His techniques have been embraced by professional and Olympic athletes in many sports. With Winning in Mind covers a complete system of “mental management” techniques used by Olympians and elite champions.

About 30CalGal
Life is short. Go Shoot! — Anette Wachter
Along with being a talented competitive shooter, Anette has her own Gun Blog,, and she writes for several gun publications including GunUp Magazine, Shooting Sports USA, Sure Shots Magazine, and Wide Open Spaces. She also designs and crafts custom jewelry items, many of which utilize cartridge cases or other shooting-themed components. You can purchase Anette’s jewelry through her AW Collections webstore.

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June 6th, 2014

D-Day Was 70 Years Ago Today

D-Day DDay 1944 Normandy WW II

Forum member Robert Chombart posted this message from his home in Normandy, France: “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, I … salute the memory of the thousands of American soldiers who sacrificed their youth to liberate France, with … particular [respect] for those who rest in Normandy ground.”

Today we should remember those who crossed the Channel to begin the liberation of Europe. Thousands of soldiers, sailors, and aviators gave their lives on June 6, 1944. Their sacrifice on “The Longest Day”, allowed people throughout Europe to enjoy freedom. We should remember those brave warriors, and never forget that freedom is not free — it requires continuing vigilance and sacrifice.

CLICK HERE for Many More Stunning Photos from D-Day, 1944.

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June 6th, 2014

Hazmat Fee Now Just $20.00 at

Hazmat Fee is reducing hazmat fees to make powder and primer orders more affordable for our Forum members and other customers. We commend this move — anything that makes reloading components more affordable is a good thing. Here’s the announcement by Shiraz Balolia, head honcho of

Effective June 5, 2014, will only be charging $20.00 for the Hazmat fee when you order Powder/Primers. We are taking a loss on the fee, but we feel it’s a good service to offer since powders and primers have risen in cost.

$20.00 Hazmat Fee at
Hazmat Fee

You’ll find that most other companies charge substantially more for the Hazmat fee — in some cases up to $40.00 per shipment. Also be aware that there is a limited shipment weight that can go out with one Hazmat fee — this is typically a maximum of 48 or 50 pounds. Check with each vendor to determine the current Hazmat policy. Most vendors, including, allow both powder and primers to be combined in one box for a single shipment with a single hazmat fee.

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