June 6th, 2014

Hazmat Fee Now Just $20.00 at Bullets.com

Hazmat Fee Bullets.com Bullets.com is reducing hazmat fees to make powder and primer orders more affordable for our Forum members and other customers. We commend this move — anything that makes reloading components more affordable is a good thing. Here’s the announcement by Shiraz Balolia, head honcho of Bullets.com:

Effective June 5, 2014, Bullets.com will only be charging $20.00 for the Hazmat fee when you order Powder/Primers. We are taking a loss on the fee, but we feel it’s a good service to offer since powders and primers have risen in cost.

$20.00 Hazmat Fee at Bullets.com
Hazmat Fee Bullets.com

You’ll find that most other companies charge substantially more for the Hazmat fee — in some cases up to $40.00 per shipment. Also be aware that there is a limited shipment weight that can go out with one Hazmat fee — this is typically a maximum of 48 or 50 pounds. Check with each vendor to determine the current Hazmat policy. Most vendors, including Bullets.com, allow both powder and primers to be combined in one box for a single shipment with a single hazmat fee.

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