November 19th, 2010

Free Shipping & Free Hazmat for TulAmmo Russian Primers

Here’s a great deal on bulk Russian primers from Powder Valley. If you buy at least two (2) cases of TulAmmo primers (5,000 primers/case), Powder Valley will absorb the shipping cost AND the Hazmat fee. So if you buy at least 10,000 TulAmmo primers you get FREE Shipping with no Hazmat charge.

Add 40 lbs. of Other Items and Still Ship for Free
In addition — and this is important — if you buy at least two (2) cases of the TulAmmo primers, you can add additional hazmat items into the shipment, up to a total of 50 pounds net weight (that’s roughly 40 pounds of other products) and you still get free shipping with no hazmat fee. So if you need powder or other brands of primers, you can get big savings on shipping charges, as long as you purchase at least two cases of TulAmmo primers.

Special Promo Is Limited
This free shipping/free Hazmat promo is limited to the inventory of TulAmmo primers now on hand. Bryan, who runs Powder Valley, says he expects to offer the promotion through the end of November, and “possibly” into December. But once the current TulAmmo inventories are depleted, the deal is over.

Powder Valley Tula Primers

TulAmmo primers (for rifle, pistol, and shotgun) are the exact same primers as Wolf. Both TulAmmo and Wolf primers are produced in the same Murom Apparatus Producing Plant in Russia and they have the same product codes. However, Murom wholesales TulAmmo primers at lower cost than Wolf primers.

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