July 4th, 2014

Possible 200-30X National Record Set with Pre-Fit Criterion Barrel

Think you need a custom action and a custom-chambered barrel to set records? Well think again. Recently, a potential new 300-yard National record was set — 200-30X. That’s a truckload of Xs. But here’s the kicker. That 200-30x score was shot with a Savage-actioned rifle no less — a Savage with a screw-on, “no-gunsmithing” pre-fit barrel from Criterion Barrels Inc. (CBI). The shooter was David Mark Honeycutt, shooting F-0pen at the Catawba Valley Rifle & Pistol club in Conover, NC. The chambering was a favorite of ours — the 6mmBR Norma.

Check out this score sheet — no shortage of Xs here! Honeycutt fired a 200-30X relay using a CBI Savage Pre-Fit chambered in 6mmBR. This should be a new National 300-yard F-Open record, provided it was shot in a registered match.*

200-30X national record

Mike, one of our readers, witnessed Honeycutt’s impressive marksmanship: “I was there. F-Open at 300 Yards. [Honeycutt] put on some show. Another thing that makes this so impressive is that after twenty Xs, you have … no waiting on conditions.” Shiraz Balolia, the current F-Open, 300-yard record holder (with 200-26X), explains: “You do not get an extra minute per shot once you reach 20 Xs. All shots still need to be fired within the allotted original time of the match, which I suspect was 22 minutes total.”

NRA National records can be accessed at http://compete.nra.org/national-records.aspx. We checked that website, and saw nothing that would rival Honneycutt’s 200-30X. The listed record for F-Open at 300 yards is 300-26X shot by Shiraz Balolia on 4/26/2008.

*Note: We won’t see this 200-30X as a listed record unless the appropriate paperwork is done. National record reporting forms must be submitted to NRA by the statistical officer of the registered tournament in which they were fired after being certified by the jury chairman or referee. National records can only be set in registered matches that have a minimum of two ROs running the match.

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