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May 12th, 2015

Jessie Duff Three-Peats at Single Stack Nationals

Jessie Duff Single Stack nationals Championship Taurus Pistol

Most of us have a single-stack pistol in our collection. If you want to see how quickly (and accurately) a single-stack can be shot, check out the two videos below showing Jessie Duff at the 2015 Single Stack Nationals, a big event with 400+ competitors. Jessie won the 2015 Ladies’ Division Single Stack Championship this past weekend. The victory marked Jessie’s third straight Single Stack Nationals title. Duff secured her “Three-Peat” with a dominant performance, winning 8 out of 14 stages!


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May 12th, 2015

A Dozen Handy Items for Your Next Range Trip

With the end summer, the shooting season in full swing. When you head to the range you’ll want to be prepared. That means collecting all the gear you’ll need at the range. It’s easy to forget small, critical items, so we’ve provided a checklist of the small “extras” you should pack before you head out to the range. In addition to rifle, rests, ammo, targets, and cleaning gear, here are a dozen essentials you should include in your range bag.

Shell-Holder — If you don’t have calipers, you can use a shell-holder to check for excessive case expansion from hot loads. If a fired case doesn’t slip into the shell-holder easily, your load is definitely TOO HOT.

Extra Earplugs — Always use ear protection when shooting. We bring a 35mm film canister with extra sets of foam earplugs.

Hex Wrench or Screwdriver for action screws — Action screws can work loose with time. Always bring the appropriate hex wrench or screwdriver whenever you go to the range.

Small Wrench for Scope Rings — Check the tension of your scope base and ring fasteners before you go. Bring along a small Torx wrench for the ring screws (or other tool that fits your fasteners).


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