May 28th, 2015

Cortina’s Corner: ChargeMaster Tips (The Trickle Test)

Chargemaster tip Erik Cortina beep trickle Dandy Omega trickler Sartorius
Note that Erik has fitted a cartridge tip on his RCBS ChargeMaster’s dispensing tube.

Erik Cortina has been fiddling around with his RCBS ChargeMaster and he discovered something interesting. Through a series of tests he determined that the ChargeMaster dispensed slightly more precise charges when he trickled the last few 10ths of a grain on to the RCBS pan. Erik wasn’t expecting this result, but he confirmed there may be a slight benefit to this trickling method (as opposed to allowing the ChargeMaster to dispense the full charge).

We should note that Erik’s preferred method of weighing powder is to first dispense a slightly lower charge with the RCBS, transfer the pan to a laboratory-class Sartorius magnetic force restoration scale, then trickle up with his Omega (Dandy Products) Powder Trickler. However, if you don’t have a $800+ laboratory-grade scale, you might just try trickling on to the ChargeMaster pan. You can see Erik’s test procedure in this video:


How to Turn Off the ChargeMaster’s Beep
By default, the ChargeMaster beeps when you tap a button, and when it completes dispensing a charge. Some users find this annoying. If you want to “defeat the beep”, there is a simple procedure, as Erik Cortina demonstrates at the 19’30” mark in the video.

First, press the “Cancel/STOP” button on the main keypad to halt any current operation. Then simply press and hold the “ZERO” key on the front of the ChargeMaster. This is the second button from the left, just below the display screen. You need to hold the “Zero” button for about five seconds. Then “BEEP OF” (OFF) will appear. VoilĂ , the beep is gone. To restore the beep sounds, simply repeat the process and “BEEP ON” will appear on the display.

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