May 19th, 2015

King of Two Miles Event in New Mexico

Long Range 2500 yards Whittington King of Two Miles

Long Range 2500 yards Whittington King of Two Miles1000 yards? Heck, for these KO2M guys, that’s just a warm-up — they plan to shoot out to 2500 yards and beyond. A new ultra-long-range event will be held this summer in New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center. The King of Two Miles (KO2M) match will be held on July 1-2, 2015, right before the Fifty Caliber Shooters Assocation (FCSA) 1000-yard World Championships. If you like hurling big projectiles at very long ranges, Whittington is the place to be in July. The KO2M event is “wide-open” — any caliber is allowed and rifle size/weight is limited only by the shooter’s ability to lift the gun himself. Rifles will be shot prone with bipod.

Two Miles (Well Not Quite)
The name of the event is a bit of a misnomer, as the max range will be roughly 2500 yards. That’s WAY less than a full two miles (3520 yards). KO2M organizers do plan to go all the way out to two miles in the future, but they say their target and spotting technology isn’t up to that yet. Accordingly, the 2015 course of fire will include steel and electronic targets placed at known distances from 1000 to roughly 2500 yards. Next year, hopefully, the max range will be extended to over two miles, but, for now: “Current optical systems do not allow that.”

KO2M Match Guidelines
• First day all teams compete 1000 to approximately 2500 yards.
• Second day top five teams shoot Second day top five teams shoot 2000 to 2500 mile finals
• This a team competition (shooter and up to two spotters)
• Any rifle is allowed as long as the shooter can lift the rifle AND ALL supports/bags from ground, using both hands.
• Any caliber allowed.
• Any rifle optics system allowed.
• Any spotting scope system allowed.
• Any type of rifle front bipod and rear bag allowed.
• No weapon alibis.
• Range to targets will be known but shooters may bring Laser Rangefinders.

NRA Whittington Center New Mexico

The organizers of the event state: “We want to push the envelope of technology, shooting consistently at over two miles, and we want to do it right. We are opening new ground for the future of extreme range competition and this is NOT simple, technologically and from the shooters perspective. After much discussion with electronic target companies and also with the NRA Whittington Center Management, we have settled that, for this first year, we will be limiting the Max Range to 2500 yards or so …to what we can manage [.] Being realisstic we could not spot the impact reliably enough to decide a winner with our current systems.” Next year KO2M organizers hope to push the max target distance to a full two miles. “Hopefully we will be able to to succeed in our tests of various target and camera systems and options for the full two miles and over in 2016″ said Eduardo De Fontcuberta, one of KO2M’s founders.

Housing facilities at the NRA Whittington Center outside Raton, New Mexico
Long Range 2500 yards Whittington King of Two Miles

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