May 20th, 2015

Suppressors May Soon Be Legalized in Minnesota and Vermont

suppressor silencer ownership ATF states map

Minnesota and Vermont could soon become the 40th and 41st states to legalize the ownership of firearm suppressors. The Minnesota Legislature recently approved legislation (SF 878), which among other things would legalize the ownership of suppressors and their use for hunting. Additionally, late last week, the Vermont Senate added an amendment to a hunting bill (H. 5) to legalize the ownership and possession of suppressors. If you are a resident of either of these states, the NSSF requests that you contact your governor in support of these bills. Suppressors are currently legal to use and possess in 39 states, while 35 states currently allow suppressor use for hunting.

Currently, suppressor ownership is legal in 39 states, provided the owners comply with federal paperwork requirements (and pay a tax for each unit). This graphic shows where silencers are legal to own, and where they may be used for hunting:

suppressor silencer ownership ATF states map
Map created by American Silencer Institute (ASA).

Approximately 27,000 suppressors, also called “silencers” or “sound moderators”, are sold in the United States every year. That may surprise you because the main-stream media often incorrectly report that suppressors are illegal. In fact, suppressors are legal to own in 39 states, provided that the devices are acquired in compliance with federal and state laws (which are explained below). In most of those 39 states, owners of legally-acquired suppressors may use their “cans” for hunting.

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