June 25th, 2015

ABM .308 Win Ammo with Berger 185gr Juggernaut Bullets

ABM Ammunition Ammo Juggernaut Berger Bullets 185

ABM Ammo, a division of Berger Bullets, has introduced new, high performance .308 Winchester factory ammunition, loaded with the high-BC, 185gr Berger Juggernauts. The long-loaded “Match Ready” version of this ammo is designed for Palma (Full-bore) and F-TR shooters. A “Mission Ready” version, loaded shorter to mag length, is designed for tactical and military applications. These two new offerings should “raise the bar” for long-range performance with factory .308 Win ammo.

Offering a high Ballistic Coefficient (0.560 G1, 0.283 G7), the 185-grain .308-caliber Juggernaut bullet is designed to remain stable even in the transonic zone. This way it offers good performance at extended distances, contributing to higher hit percentages at longer ranges.

Match Ready Ammo — 2.950″ COAL
The Match Ready 185gr Berger Match Juggernaut Target load for the .308 Winchester was optimized for Palma and F-Class long range competition. The velocities shown below are based on 24″ test barrels. Most Palma and F-TR competitors use much longer barrels. With 28-30″ barrels, you can expect considerably higher muzzle velocities, based on .308 Win Barrel Cut-Down Tests.

ABM Ammunition Ammo Juggernaut Berger Bullets 185

Mission Ready Ammo — 2.800″ COAL
ABM’s Mission Ready 185gr OTM Tactical ammo offers extended long range capability and more energy on target. Loaded to magazine length (SAAMI-Spec 2.800″), this ammunition works well in both bolt guns and semi-autos, delivering offers exhanced long-range ballistics.

ABM Ammunition Ammo Juggernaut Berger Bullets 185

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