July 10th, 2015

MagnetoSpeed Sporter — $179.99 at Brownells.com

MagnetoSpeed AccurateShooter Chronograph V3 Chrono Bayonet XFR App

If you have been waiting to acquire a chronograph, it may be time to buy. Brownells.com now has the popular new MagnetoSpeed Sporter Chronograph in stock for just $179.99. This Sporter model shares most of the capabilities of the $399.00 MagnetoSpeed V3, but at a much, much lower cost. Like all MagnetoSpeeds, the Sporter is easy to set up. Just attach the unit to your barrel with a strap and toggle clamp. There is no need to go downrange to set up tripod and skyscreens, or run wires.

We’re impressed by the Sporter chrono (as are other shooters — this unit is selling out nationwide). Like the V3, the Sporter faithfully records shots, even in complete darkness. Shot strings are recorded digitally and can be transferred to a smart phone via MagnetoSpeed’s XFR accessory (and Apps).

What’s the downside? The manufacturer says the Sporter is limited to 1″-max diameter barrels. In actuality, it can go a bit bigger than that. We have used it successfully on a 1.15″ straight contour barrel — but “your mileage may vary”. Second, the manufacturer says the new Sporter is NOT designed for use with airguns or shotguns. We have tested the original MagnetoSpeed with air rifles and it successfully recorded .177 and .22 pellet velocities, once we adjusted the sensitivity.

This Video Shows How to Use the Magnetospeed Sporter Display

Here is the XFR Device that allows Sporter and V3 chronos to work with smartphone Apps:
MagnetoSpeed AccurateShooter Chronograph V3 Chrono Bayonet XFR App

With MagnetoSpeed’s $24.99 XFR adapter and associated Apps, you can download your current shot series from Sporter and V3 chrono displays to an Android or iOS device. Once synced, users can rename the current shot series, delete irrelevant shots, email the data, reconfigure the display settings (units and sensitivity level), and clear the display’s current series.

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