October 4th, 2015

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle

Savage Scout Rifle Model 11
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Savage has started to ship its new .308 Win Model 11 Scout rifle. Based on the concept popularized by Col. Jeff Cooper, the Savage Scout is designed to be short and handy, with an 18″ barrel and forward-mounted optic. This new Savage was unveiled at SHOT Show in January, 2015, but production models are just now starting to appear at dealers.

Savage Scout Rifle Model 11

The Model 11 Scout comes complete with iron sights (blade front, Williams peep rear). A cantilevered Picatinny rail accepts forward-mounted, long eye-relief scopes. Available in dark Tan or OD Green*, the Model 11 Scout comes with a 10-round detachable magazine (see below). The only chambering currently offered is .308 Winchester. The gun ships with a screw-on muzzle brake. Rifle weight (without optic) is a modest 7.8 pounds.

Savage Scout Rifle Model 11
Photo from review in CTD’s Shooter’s Log.

The Savage Model 11 Scout is affordable — online vendors are selling the rifle for around $650.00. We’re not sure if this rifle will be a big seller. The Steyr Scout rifle, built to Col. Cooper’s specs, generated a lot of press, but not many sales in the USA. But the Steyr Scout was fairly expensive. The Savage Scout is modestly priced, so it may achieve greater success in the marketplace.

In this video, Bill Dermody of Savage explains Model 11 Scout features:

* OD Green versions are listed for sale by some online vendors, but this color is not cataloged on the Savage website.

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