October 13th, 2015

World’s Most Accurate IT Guy Strikes Again

JayChris Rattlesnake F-TR F-Class IT Guy

Jay Christopherson (aka “JayChris”), Accurateshooter’s IT guru, is a heck of a good shooter as well as a computer wizard. Jay recently won the F-TR division of the NW Long Range Regional held at the always-challenging Rattlesnake Shooting Range. To top the F-TR field, Jay had to battle extreme wind conditions that required double-digit windage corrections (and a hold-off) just to get on paper. Jay said: “The wind was 25 to 35 mph, switching between half and full value. I had 18.5 minutes on. Some of the sling shooters were [running] 24-36 minutes.”

MUST WATCH Video! Wicked, INSANE 25-35 mph winds at Rattlesnake:

JayChris Rattlesnake F-TR F-Class IT GuyJay reports: “The typical Rattlesnake range caveats apply with regards to scores. This was a Long Range Regional, here in Washington State. This was also the first time I’ve ever had to put on double digit windage on at a match. Yesterday at 1000 yards, I had to put on 15 minutes AND hold another 3.5 to the edge of the target board to get on paper. I probably owe a great deal of thanks to Monte Milanuk for convincing me that (after my third sighter off the target board) dialing in that much wind was, in fact, NOT insane.

Because I didn’t come to the match armed with enough ammo and I couldn’t afford to be shooting more sighters… it was a close thing as it was. Even some of the well-known wind ninjas shooting sling were having some difficulty with the conditions.

Jay was modest about his win: ‘I did a poor job of shooting at 800 yards on both days, in fairly decent conditions, but made up for it at 1000 on both days. I happened to dope the wind on the last relay better than the guy leading me. ​

Really, the wind is the story — on the last relay of that first day (shown in the video), the storm rolled in, along with a wildfire that started up on one of the hills behind us. We were all watching that pretty closely, but they contained it pretty quickly.”

JayChris Rattlesnake F-TR F-Class IT Guy

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