September 14th, 2007

Report from Raton–Cochran and Miller Lead after Day 1

The 600-yard stage of the U.S. F-Class Nationals, at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM was completed on the 13th. Many top F-Class shooters who have been featured on this site are competing, including recent champions John Brewer and Jeff Cochran. So far, the competition has been fierce. In F-Open, Cochran leads by a single point over Dean Morris. Today and tomorrow, competitors shoot at 1000 yards. Official results, as available, will be posted on the Bald Eagles Rifle Club website.

First Day F-Class Nationals Leaderboard

1. Jeff Cochran – 443-20X
2. Dean Morris – 442-16X
3. John Brewer – 440-17X
1. Mike Miller – 430-10X
2. Darrell Buell – 428-11X
3. Mark Pharr – 427-12X

Raton F-Class nationals whittington

Forum member Monte Milanuk offered this late-breaking report: “Conditions at 600 were squirrely at best. With a shortage of target pullers, we only had 18 targets, and 90+ shooters, so the order of the day was 5 relays. One relay might get an easy relay w/ either little wind, or at least readable wind, and the next might get one w/ complete 180° switches and huge pick-ups and let-offs. To some degree it averaged out over the course of three stages, but some people faired better than others. I’m pretty sure everybody got hosed at least once but some got it a couple times.

The rest of the Nationals is at 1000 yards, and if I’ve picked up anything over the last 6 days shooting here in Raton, it is that the 1K yard line is probably going to be bloody….”

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