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April 2nd, 2016

New Camo Styles and Stock Designs from McMillan

McMillan fiberglass stock Browning X-Bolt Game Scout

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has unveiled some interesting new Spring offerings. First, McMillan now offers some really cool “Transition” camouflage finishes for hunting and tactical stocks. These Transition Camo Paint Finishes are handsome, distinctive, and very effective in the field. In addition, McMillan is adding three new hunting and sporting stocks to its collection of fiberglass rifle stocks.

McMillan Transition Cammo Camo Camouflage tactical transition

Transition Camo Series Paint Finish
The Transition Camo Series, McMillan’s newest paint finish, mimics the spray patterns favored by tactical marksmen and hunters. The highly-durable paint McMillan uses provides an industrial-grade, non-slip pebble finish similar to that found on power tools and industrial equipment. This tough, durable polyurethane paint is suitable for harsh conditions. The Transition Camo Series is currently available in three (3) color combos: Woodland Transition, Desert Transition, and GAP Transition.

McMillan New-for-2016 Hunting and Sporting Stocks

McMillan fiberglass stock Browning X-Bolt Game Scout

Game Warden / Adjustable Game Warden
The Game Warden stock shares the same streamlined design and A-3 vertical pistol grip as McMillan’s popular Game Scout rifle stock, but the new stock features a larger fore-end which accepts larger contour barrels up to a #8. This is an ambidextrous stock which can be inletted for Remington type and Sako right-hand and left-hand actions. The stock is available with a fixed comb or with either of the optional integral cheekpieces. The Adjustable Game Warden accepts only Remington type actions.

McMillan fiberglass stock Browning X-Bolt Game Scout

Game Hunter
The Game Hunter stock combines the most popular features of McMillan’s hunting and sporting stocks and fits Remington-type actions. The stock has a high, Monte Carlo-style cheekpiece similar to the McMillan Hunter stock and an A-3 vertical pistol grip from McMillan’s popular Game Scout stock. The Game Hunter’s fore-end accommodates large contour barrels up to #8. The higher cheek comb allows for the use of scopes with larger diameter objectives. Available in right-hand only.

Game Scout X-Bolt
The Game Scout has been McMillan’s #1 selling hunting stock for two years running. McMillan’s new Game Scout X-Bolt is the only aftermarket stock made for the Browning X-Bolt action and its unique floorplate. This X-Bolt Game Scout is available for both short and long actions and can accommodate barrels up to a #5 contour.

McMillan fiberglass stock Browning X-Bolt Game Scout

About McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

McMillan stocks carry a lifetime warranty and are manufactured in the United States. McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is a leading manufacturer of premium custom fiberglass stocks for hunting, competition, tactical, and OEM markets. McMillan is located in Phoenix, Arizona. For more info, visit or call 877-365-6148.

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April 2nd, 2016

New Blue Book of Gun Values, 37th Edition, Now Available

Blue Book of gun valuesThe new 37th edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values has just been released, and is now available through The Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad is the leading gun valuation resource. Remarkably there are now 1.6 million copies in circulation worldwide.

Blue Book of Gun Values, 37th Edition
Publication Date: April 1, 2016
2512 Pages with 30,000 gun descriptions, and 180,000+ Prices
Over 1500 Makes Covered

This new edition contains updated values for countless firearm types. New-for-2016 makes and models have also been included, along with updated values on older firearms.

CD-ROM, Mobile App, Web Database
You can also purchase the 37th Edition of the Blue Book in CD-ROM format. Also, all the data in the 37th Edition is available via a Mobile App, or a paid web subscription. To subscribe, get the Mobile App, or buy the CD-Rom, visit

Features of the new Blue Book of Gun Values:

· Important pricing updates on major trademark current, antique, and discontinued models, including Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm Ruger.
· Double action revolvers from both Colt AND Smith & Wesson have fluctuated significantly.
· 2,512 Pages of content covering over 1,500 manufacturers and trademarks, almost 30,000 gun model descriptions, and over 180,000 prices.
· More information, more values, and more history than any other guide on the market, by far!

Sample Page from 37th Edition:

Blue Book of gun values

Review by Tom Gresham, Gun Talk Radio Host
“At some point, every gun owner asks the question, ‘What’s it worth?’ The leading reference for decades has been the Blue Book of Gun Values. Whether you are a seller, a buyer, a shopper, or just curious, this constantly-updated gold mine of research is your friend.”

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April 2nd, 2016

CMP Custom Now Accepting Work Orders Again

Cmp custom shop rifle gunsmithing

After a brief hiatus, the CMP Custom Shop is happy to announce that it will begin to accept new work orders beginning April 1, 2016. To place an order, please call (256) 835-8455 ext. 513, 514 or 540 AFTER 7:00 a.m. on April 1 to leave your name and phone number. Orders can also be sent by email to Any orders received before 7:00 a.m. will not be taken. All orders will be accepted according to the time stamp they were received.

Due to the expected high volume of work, the Custom Shop will limit the number of Return Authorizations (RAs) issued each week to a maximum of 15. Any additional orders received after the first 15 will be placed on a single wait list. Each subsequent week, the next 15 customers on the wait list will be assigned their RA, shipping provisions, and an estimated turn-around time.

Cmp custom shop rifle gunsmithing

No rifles are to be sent to the Custom Shop before being issued an RA number. Any rifles submitted without proper authorization will be returned to customers at their own expense. For more info, visit the CMP Custom Shop website.

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