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April 15th, 2016

NRA Annual Meetings Event May 19-22 in Louisville, Kentucky

NRA Annual meeting exhibits louisville kentucky exposition

The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits extravaganza is just over one month away. This year, the NRA will hold its annual gathering May 19-22 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. This is a huge event with over 750 exhibitors in a 500,000 square-foot facility. The Exhibit Hall opens at 9:00 am on May 20th (Friday Morning).

You can Pre-Register now so your entry badge will be ready when you arrive.

NRA Annual meeting exhibits louisville kentucky exposition

This year’s NRA convention will feature a variety of special events, starting with the NRA Foundation Banquet on Thursday night, May 19th. The ever-popular NRA Country Jam kicks off at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 20th at Louisville’s Belvedere at Waterfront Park. The official NRA Members Meeting will be held Saturday morning at 10:00 in Freedom Hall at the Exposition Center. NRA leaders Wayne LaPierre, Chris W. Cox, and Allan Cors with address the membership. Many other seminars will be hosted over the course of the weekend. Purchase Event Tickets.

CLICK HERE for Full List of Meeting Events and Seminars

NRA Annual meeting exhibits louisville kentucky exposition

NRA Annual Meeting Louisville Kentucky Exhibitor List floor plan

NRA Annual Meeting Louisville Kentucky Exhibitor List

NRA Annual meeting exhibits louisville kentucky exposition

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April 15th, 2016

Leading Rifle Manufacturers Listed State by State

BATFE firearms manufacturing report

Rifles are manufactured in virtually every state in the country. Some states have only small “boutique” operations which produce a few dozen rifles annually. In other states, such as New York, where larger factories are located, hundreds of thousands of firearms are manufactured every year. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (BATFE) keeps track of gun manufacturing nationwide, cataloging production figures from all 50 states. State by state rifle production figures are listed in BATFE’s Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report. Shown below, in alphabetical order by state, are the top producing rifle-makers for each state.

We were surprised to find that in California, the nation’s most populous state (with 38 million residents), the leading gunmaker, Weatherby, only made 3563 rifles. Compare that with tiny New Hampshire where Ruger produced 636,073 rifles! Credit the American Rifleman for finding this state-specific list in the BATFE 2014 Annual Report. After the state is the number of rifles made by the top producer, followed by that company’s name.

Alaska—67 by Wild West Guns
Alabama—1,366 by Steyr Arms
Arkansas—1,981 by Wilson Combat
Arizona—2,509 by Patriot Ordnance Factory
California—3,563 by Weatherby
Colorado—68 by McDuffee Arms
Connecticut—59,603 by Colt’s Manufacturing
Delaware—25 by Perry’s Gun Repair
Florida—18,925 by Kel-Tec
Georgia—3,231 by Advanced Armament Corp.
Hawaii—20 by Kilimanjaro Hawaii
Iowa—831 by Les Baer Custom
Idaho—1,936 by Primary Weapons Systems
Illinois—48,514 by Springfield Armory
Indiana—139 by Mag Tactical Systems
Kansas—49 by Signature Marketing
Kentucky—314,875 by Remington
Louisiana—82 by Red Jacket Firearms
Massachusetts—305,826 by Savage Arms
Maryland—7,261 by Land Warfare Resources Corporation (LWRCI)
Maine—27,187 by Windham Weaponry
Michigan—125 by Keego Tec
Minnesota—79,118 by Remington
Missouri—18,483 by Browning
Mississippi—25 by Back in Black Tactical
Montana—3,092 by Cooper Firearms of Montana
North Carolina—67,585 by Ruger
North Dakota—201 by Nodak Arms
Nebraska—30 by Frerking Custom Works LLC
New Hampshire—636,073 by Ruger
New Jersey—300,312 by Henry
New Mexico—32 by Blackbriar Inc.
Nevada—535 by CBE Inc.
New York—535,482 by Remington
Ohio—51,300 by Hi-Point
Oklahoma—210 by Surgeon Rifles
Oregon—1,672 by Noveske Rifleworks
Pennsylvania—56,340 by Keystone Sporting Arms
South Carolina—15,513 by Daniel Defense
South Dakota—860 by HS Precision
Tennessee—3,351 by Barrett
Texas—54,750 by Mossberg
Utah—1,697 by Browning by (Arms Technology)
Virginia—1,456 by Kriss USA
Vermont—33,730 by Century Arms
Washington—6,592 by Mega Arms
Wisconsin—7,075 by Bravo Company
West Virginia—445 by Blackheart International
Wyoming—362 by Gunwerks

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