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August 30th, 2016

Get Money for Your Shooting Club from the NRA Foundation

NRA Foundation Range Club Grant funding Application

Could your gun club or youth shooting group use money to upgrade range facilities or run training programs? Well here’s a chance to get some cold, hard cash to help with operations. Every year, the NRA Foundation Grant Program provides hundreds of grants to deserving organizations. The 2017 Grant Application is now available. CLICK HERE to Apply for a Grant.

Since its inception, the NRA Foundation has funded over 41,000 grants totaling over $300 million. Grants went to qualified local, state and national shooting sports programs, hunting and conservation programs, Second Amendment education and for the preservation of historical firearms.

Grant money comes from generous donors and volunteer fund-raising efforts. Through its Grant Program the NRA Foundation seeks to: 1) Promote shooting sports and hunting safety; 2) Help educate individuals in proper firearms use and marksmanship; and 3) Enhance shooting range facilities and support active shooting sports organizations.

NRA Foundation Range Club Grant funding Application NRA Foundation Range Club Grant funding Application

NRA Foundation Range Club Grant funding Application

Range Improvement Grants
Helping clubs improve shooting range facilities is one of the main missions of the NRA Grant Program. Such programs might include: Berm improvements (example below), Clubhouse improvements, Covered firing lines, Road improvements, Trap Machines, and other permanent improvements to club properties and/or facilities.

NRA Foundation Range Club Grant funding Application

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August 30th, 2016

Handy Cleaning Cradle from PMA Tool

PMA Tool Cradle Benchrest

PMA Tool logoPMA Tool offers lightweight yet sturdy cleaning cradles that are quite affordable. PMA’s original cradle is ideal for benchrest rigs with a 3″-wide fore-end, and the price is just $69.95. There is also a version for 2.5-inch wide hunter-style fore-ends. PMA’s cleaning cradles measure 17″ in length, weighs about one pound, and secure your rifle in a muzzle-down position. This “nose-down” layout allows easy cleaning and prevents solvents from running back into the action. All contact surfaces are covered by thick silicone rubber which grips the rifle securely yet cushions the stock from scratches.

These cradles were originally crafted with a 3″-wide front saddle for Benchrest and F-Open style stocks, but the silicone rubber “padding” and the shape of the saddles themselves make this cradle usable for narrower, flat fore-ends such as those found on Hunter Class and modern varmint stocks. There is also a 2.5-inch version, but we think the original 3″-inch wide cradle is more versatile.

PMA Tool co-founder Pat Reagin tells us: “We’ve had a lot of interest in our cradle since it appeared in some ads and folks saw me using it at the Super Shoot. Over the past couple years we have improved the design and added the 2.5-inch wide model.”

Product Tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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