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September 13th, 2016

Norm Crawford Wins Wimbleton Cup with Composite Barrel

Norman Crawford Proof Research Wimbleton Cup 2016 Camp Perry
Tech Milestone — Norm Crawford won the 2016 Wimbledon Cup at Camp Perry using a carbon-fiber composite barrel. That’s a first for composite barrel technology.

With a score of 200-16X, Norman Crawford won the Wimbledon Cup Match during the 2016 National Long Range Rifle Championships using a 32″ Proof Research carbon-fiber composite barrel chambered in .284 Shehane. The Wimbledon Cup Match, a prestigious 1,000-yard shooting competition, dates back to 1875. The current course of fire consists of 20 timed shots, fired from prone. Crawford’s win represents the first time in the Cup’s 141-year history that it has been won with anything other than an all-steel barrel. The Proof Research barrel features a steel core with an external multi-axis carbon wrap.

Crawford’s Wimbledon Cup win really is an important technological milestone. Crawford’s performance may encourage other competitors to consider steel/carbon composite barrels for a variety of shooting disciplines. Without question, composite technology barrels offer significant weight-savings over conventional all-steel barrels. And Crawford proved that a composite barrel can deliver winning accuracy, at least in a sling/prone discipline.

Norman Crawford Proof Research Wimbleton Cup 2016 Camp Perry

“I don’t know of anyone else in this sport using a carbon fiber [composite] barrel,” said Crawford, who has been shooting Proof composite barrels since 2013.

“The benefits over a steel barrel are that you get a larger-diameter, stiffer, faster-cooling barrel that weighs less than a standard, medium Palma-taper barrel. [There is] no real downside I’ve been able to identify in three years of shooting them. All five Proof barrels I own are capable of winning any match — providing I do my part.”

A 30-year Army vet and former Army Special Operations Sniper, Crawford has been shooting competitively since 1990. He has won many major titles, including the NRA National Long Range Championship in 2005. His 2016 Wimbledon Cup victory was his second — Norm also won the Cup in 2003. A three-time member of the U.S. Rifle Team at the World Championships, Crawford also used a Proof Research barrel to tie the national record for a 600-yard Any Gun, Any Sight competition in North Carolina last November, one of five national records he has set or tied during his shooting career.

Proof Research CEO Larry Murphy praised Crawford: “We are honored that Norm chose our barrel to go up against the best shooters in the world with. By putting our barrels to the test in intense competition, he pushes us to do our best as well.”

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September 13th, 2016

In Memoriam: Dick Davis of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

Dick Davis McMillan Obituary Memoriam passing

The shooting world lost a good man last night, Dick Davis of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. Prior to his recent retirement from McMillan, Davis helped thousands of shooters choose and configure their stocks. Friendly, courteous, and always helpful, Davis had a vast knowledge of the shooting industry that he shared with all he met. We at were privileged to have worked with Dick Davis on many interesting projects. We are saddened at his passing.

Remembering Dick Davis

by Kelly McMillan
No one reaches adulthood in this world without losing someone close to them and we here at McMillan Fiberglass Stocks are no exception. Last night Dick Davis passed away. Dick had suffered from a heart murmur all of his life though you wouldn’t know it. He climbed three of the highest peaks in North America, was Mountain Search and Rescue, was an avid competitive shooter, set a World Record in 1000-yard benchrest, was absolutely the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it came to firearms of all types, and he raised three great kids. It was ultimately his tired heart that gave out on him.

He came to work for us in 1986 and quickly worked into a position as General Manager. He maintained that position for the rest of his career with McMillan. He took three brief years to spread his wings a little in the late 1990s to work with Lazzeroni, but realized, as I did, his real place was with the McMillan Family. He was responsible for a tremendous amount of the growth we experienced over the last 30 years and though he officially retired last year, he had and always will remain a part of the McMillan Family.

I, and everyone that knew Dick, have lost a great friend. There will be stories told around this industry for years to come of what a nice guy and how knowledgeable he was. He will now watch over this business along with my mother and father.

He will be sorely missed.

SHOT Show Interview with Dick Davis
For those who never met Dick Davis, and benefited from his great knowledge of stock design and construction, we’re running this video we filmed with Dick back in 2011. Dick reviewed the features of McMillan’s A3 sporter stock introduced that year. Dick told us: “The tactical shooters have been bugging [us] for years for a hunting stock they can shoot offhand”. For its new A3 Sporter, Dick explained that McMillan modified the butt and the fore-arm to create a better platform for hunters.

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