November 8th, 2016

Today is Election Day — Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Election Day Voting 2016

Today’s the day — November 8, 2016, Election Day. We urge all our readers to get out and vote. Every vote DOES count. This is a very critical election for gun rights issues. It’s not just about the Presidential race. Control of Congress is at stake, as are important upcoming nominations for the Supreme Court. If you care about the future of the country (not to mention the future of the shooting sports), get out and vote today.

Election Day Voting 2016Likewise, remember that state elections are very important too. Just look at what has happened in California. Every year Californians have seen new challenges to citizens’ Constitutional rights to own firearms. Handguns are restricted, self-loading rifles are restricted, hunting areas are closed. And now California’s majority-party politicians want to require citizens to have a state permit in order to purchase ammunition. Make no mistake about it — the ultimate goal of many proponents of these measures is to end private ownership of firearms altogether. The only way to halt these kind of infringements is to elect State and Federal representatives who respect gun rights, who are friends of the shooting sports, and who believe in the Second Amendment.

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