March 29th, 2018

Registration Opens for All-American Field Target Championship

Crosman Field Target All-American Championship

Registration is open for the 2018 Crosman All-American Field Target Championship to be held July 20-22, 2018 in upstate New York. The Crosman All-American Field Target Championship will be held once again at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club, 962 Honeoye Falls #6 Road, Rush, NY 14543. Visit the Crosman website for Match Info and Schedule, or go directly to the Registration Page.

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crosman field target championship all-american

The event runs under American Airgun Field Target Association rules. Competitors attempt to knock down a variety of steel targets set at distances ranging from 15 to 50 yards. “The Crosman All-American Field Target Championship is one of the must-attend events for Field Target airgunners. We will have every level of competitor from the novice just getting started, to the world class competitor”, says Mark DeBoard, Manager of Shooting Services for Crosman.

The three-day competition features multiple shooting matches including the main two-day rifle event. There are five divisions for competitors: Open, Hunter, WFTF, Freestyle, and Pistol. In addition to the main rifle event, this year will also feature a pistol match, the Quigley Bucket Match and the Pyramyd Air Gunslinger match. The Bucket match re-creates famous scene in the movie “Quigley Down Under” in which the lead character shoots a bucket at 700 yards. Here the distances are scaled down a wee bit (wink). Competitors, using iron sights only, get 5 shots at a 1.75″ bucket placed at 55 yards.

This 2013 Video Explains the Field Target Discipline and Air Gun Classes

“Spots are limited, so please register soon,” says Crosman’s Mark DeBoard. “Field target is a fun event for all skill levels. Participants will benefit by shooting alongside members of Team USA and other [top shooters] from across the country.

Field Target Championship Crosman Rush New York

Tech Talk: Why the Big Side-Wheels on the Scopes?
Field Target rifles shoot pellets propelled by compressed air. These light-weight, low-BC projectiles drop very quickly, with a looping trajectory. In order to hit targets at distances out to 50 yards or so, you have to adjust your scope to compensate for pellet drop. But you can’t set the scope correctly without knowing the precise range to the target. This is the function of the big wheels on the side of the scope. Field Target Competitors use the parallax adjustment on high-magnification scopes to determine target range. The big wheel allows quick, yet precise parallax adjustment. Markings on the wheel show the shooter the scope settings required for the distance “dialed-in” via the over-size parallax wheel.

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