April 11th, 2018

Range Station — Smart New Product for Pistol Shooters

Pistol Case rolling matt ammo holder handgun range kit
The Range Station, an accessory case with roll-out shooting mat, provides useful storage plus important protection for your handguns at the range.

Here’s a smart new product we like for pistol sessions. The Range Station case combines an ammo compartment with a roll-out mat. Great idea. Some gun ranges only have concrete benches, or shooting stations with horizontal surfaces covered with dirt, powder residues, and other debris. You don’t want to put your $2000 blued Colt Python on that mess.

Manufacturer Real Avid says: “This intelligent solution has a place for everything. The 12×24” padded mat stays put on the counter-top and holds guns and gear. The case snaps to either the right or left side of the mat. Interior trays are sized for standard ammo boxes and magazines. And special compartments hold smaller range gear such as rulers, pens, target markers, and more. When finished, the mat can be rolled and stored neatly and compactly in the case for next time.”

Range Station Features:
12″x24″ Padded Gun Mat with Non-Slip Back | Mat Top Coating Repels Oils & Solvents
Interior Holds Ammunition Boxes | Tray for Magazines and Small Accessories
Mat Rolls Right Back into Case | Case Fits Most Range Bags

Pistol Case rolling matt ammo holder handgun range kitGear Organizer with Roll-out Gun Mat
The Avid Range station is a versatile case that holds your ammunition along with a built-in 12″ x 24″ mat. The Range Station’s protective mat quickly rolls out and has a coating to repel oils and solvents, providing a clean surface to lay your pistol or revolver at any range. The durable, molded case doubles as storage for common range gear and has room to store additional ammo for reloading magazines at the line. This smart Range Station fits the vast majority of range bags, and is affordable, with a $29.99 MSRP.

Dan Zimmerman of ConcealedNation.org tested the Range Station and liked it, confirming that “When opened, the case is perfect for holding extra magazines, tools and plenty of ammo. When closed, the thing fits neatly in most range bags.” Here is a photo from Dan’s test:

Pistol Case rolling matt ammo holder handgun range kit

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