April 15th, 2020

Peterson Cartridge Introduces 7mm BR Rem Brass

Peterson Cartridge Company of Pittsburgh, PA today announced the addition of 7mm BR Remington brass to its growing family of rifle casings. This brass is available right now from Grafs.com at a price of $53.99 for 50 casings.

Peterson 7mm BR Brass Available NOW at Graf’s »

Report from Peterson Cartridge Company
For a while now Peterson Cartridge has made 6mm BR Norma (6BR) casings (sold exclusively through Graf & Sons). These have been popular with benchrest, varmint, and PRS/NRL shooters. But recently we had a customer ask us to make 7mm BR Remington casings. That customer is David Fricke of Lehigh Defense and SSK Firearms. Lehigh is known for making specialized, high-performance bullets.

Recently, Lehigh began making bullets for the J.D. Jones-designed Whisper line of cartridges, which are necked up from 7 BR casings. Some years back, J. D. Jones of SSK industries developed several efficient dual-role cartridges, the .302 Whisper, the .338 Whisper, .375 Whisper and the .416 Whisper. These are all made from necked-up 7mm BR Rem casings. The “dual role” refers to the fact that they can be loaded either for subsonic applications, or for high velocity shooting. According to Fricke, “Remington made the XP-100 bolt-action handgun, and one of the calibers they chambered it in was 7mm BR, which became very popular with Silhouette shooters. Remington also made the 7 BR casings which people like to neck up to the different Whisper calibers.”

Fricke concluded, “The 7mm BR caliber is a highly efficient, inherently accurate round, which doesn’t require much powder. The balance between the powder charge, bullet weight, barrel length and related harmonics results in a caliber with outstanding accuracy.”

Expect this 7mm BR Brass to be Necked-Up and Necked Down for Other Calibers
Commentary: With this new 7mm BR brass, we expect wildcatters will go to work right away, necking the case up to 30 BR, the favored cartridge for 100/200 score benchrest competition. We’ve also heard plans that some PRS shooters may neck down and fire-form the cartridge for a 6.5 BRA version with a 40° shoulder.

Peterson Brass — Strong, Uniform, Durable
Peterson brass is among the most precise, durable (over many load cycles), and uniform on the market. Extended load cycle tests have shown great longevity for Peterson brass, which has performed well in many disciplines from PRS to ELR. For more information on Peterson Cartridge Company or to learn more about its match-grade brass and loaded ammunition, visit PetersonCartridge.com.

Extended Load Cycle Test of Peterson Brass

About Peterson Cartridge Company

Peterson Cartridge Company is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match-grade brass rifle casings and loaded ammunition. This 20-minute video provides an inside look at the Peterson Cartridge company. Host Larry Berg visits Peterson’s modern production facility in Pennsylvania. There are also interviews with Peterson Executives and engineers.

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