May 8th, 2020

Remington Offers Big Bolt-Action R2Mi .50 BMG Rifle

Remington .50 BMG R2Mi rifle bolt action long range Rem

Got four-and-half grand to burn? Looking for a new rifle that will impress your buddies at the range? Then check out Remington’s updated .50 BMG rifle, the R2Mi. In appearance, it sort of looks like an AR10 on steroids. But this thing is massive. It weighs about 30 pounds and has a 30″ Walther barrel. Though it may look like a semi-auto in the photo, this is a LEFT Bolt, Right port bolt-action gun.

GunsAmerica Digest says the R2Mi is based on the Bushmaster BA50: “The R2Mi has upper and lower receivers that follow the basic design of AR-pattern rifles, but it is a manually operated bolt-action rifle with a left-side charging handle that works the bolt carrier directly. The upper receiver is railed like most modern AR rifles as a scope mount. The R2Mi comes standard with a Lothar Walther 30″ barrel with a 1:15″-twist and a free-floating railed handguard that serves as an accessory mount for low light optics and other accessories along with the included folding steel bipod.”

For the hefty investment ($4599.00 MSRP, $3999.00 Street Price), at least Remington tosses in some good gear. The R2Mi ships in a big Pelican Storm transport case, and comes complete with a bipod, two 10-round magazines, eye protection, ear protection, and cable lock. Those accessories are worth $450.00 or so.

The Remington R2Mi is closely related to the Bushmaster BA50*, shown in this video:

The R2Mi is fitted with a Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock and ErgoGrip Deluxe Tactical pistol grip. If you want to change out those components, the R2Mi is compatible with various AR components including grips and stocks. The controls are similar to AR controls including the selector lever and magazine release.

Remington .50 BMG R2Mi rifle bolt action long range Rem

Here is Remington’s product description: “The free-floated barrel, with 1:15″ twist and 8-groove rifling is perfectly suited for harnessing sub-MOA accuracy from the .50 BMG. And its left-hand operated, right-hand eject bolt-action and 10-round box magazine, ensure comfortable cycling with no need for the shooter to adjust position. The R2Mi is also one of the simplest .50-caliber rifles to assemble and maintain. Its upper receiver locks to the lower receiver with two integral pins, and its full-length Picatinny rail accommodates a wide range of optics.”

Remington R2Mi Features:

• Left Bolt, Right Port Action
• Billet Aluminum Lower Receiver
• Compatible with AR Accessories
• AAC Cyclops Muzzle brake
• Ships with Steel Folding Bipod
• AR-type Take-down for maintenance

Price is Hefty — MSRP is $4599.00
Is this a good value? It depends — this is a mag-fed rifle, with some interesting features. But $4599.00 is still a steep price for a rifle that is not an everyday shooter. On the other hand GunsAmerica states: “It can be very expensive to shoot .50 BMG and many repeating rifles chambered for the round can cost thousands more. The MSRP for the R2MI is only a little more than what some single-shot .50s cost, which means this rifle has a good value.”

* The BA50 was the original design of Cobb Manufacturing. Bushmaster purchased the design, upgraded some features, and released the rifle as the Bushmaster BA50. This bolt-action, magazine-fed .50 BMG rifle featured a 22″ or 30″ Lothar Walther free-floating barrel with a 1:15″-twist rate. Bushmaster claimed the BA50 was capable of shooting 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) groups with M33 ball ammunition.

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